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Going rate for EM PAs.

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I am in Illinois (for reference), and was contacted by a recruiter for a FT EM position. I don't have any real time in the ER besides my school rotations, but I did a lot of suturing and splinting, I&Ds, etc at a previous walk-in clinic. I have been doing family medicine for about 10 years. The position is advertising $60/hour, more with experience. 12 hour and 8 hour shifts, with the 8 hour shifts being from 6 pm to 2 am. $60/hour seems low, especially since I can make this in family medicine, but I am interested in getting into EM. Any thoughts as to how fair this is, or what to ask/look for?


Appreciate any insight.

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Does anyone know of any good data for EM PAs regarding salary? I keep hearing from our group that we are at the top 10% range for EM PAs making around 125k, but I haven't really been able to find much to dispute this. This is the excuse for not having yearly raises, etc. SEMPA doesn't have anything I could find past around 2010, and AAPA data was not really helpful either.

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In semi rural Virginia with 1.5 year exp.   I earn 93k salary + 4.5k annual bonus.  1.5k CME. No production/RVU.  +$100 per shift for any nights (avg 4-6). 

Given 10% 401k.  50% of Health Ins. 

I work 150hrs a month (15 * 10h).  Avg 17-25 pts per shift of low to mid acuity.  Not much teaching.  No PTO.

With the bonus but before 401k and Health this is 54 an hour.  (I often stay over though between 30-90mins bringing the rate down some for sure).


After reading here feel as though this may be on the low/mid end of acceptable.  Just wish there was a little more learning but generally everyone is too busy.

Hope this helps.

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