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  1. I hope to finish soon. Right now above national average too. I have also been surprised in what my over all scores have been. I am just glad in a few days I will be good for 10 more years!!! I wonder if they will stick with this same test or make major modifications for future tests?
  2. I got one and used it for 2 days. It marked up my coat, and was not better (in my opinion). I had to turn it on every time, and it was more "clunky". Was a gift from someone who didn't like it. One of the docs I work with who has terrible hearing likes his. I think they have a place, and those in that place like it. The rest of the people I have talked to like the traditional stethoscope.
  3. That is pretty impressive. I am partial to Army medics, but I guess the navy medics (corpsman) can have their day.
  4. I would love to see where people are seeing openings for PA short term contract work. Krucial has not posted anything for PA/NP in a while, all RN positions. I am open to it. My Company offered a volunteer 30 day furlough if you want it, with a guarantee to get your full time job back.
  5. Cinntsp- 25% is not as bad as i thought. I figured like 35-40%. I realize now I have been way off when it comes to what I thought taxes would be for 1099.
  6. I did ortho first and then applied to ER. ER told me to get some UC experience first. I reapplied to the same ER 2 years later and some how they hired me. Later on the director told me they weren't going to hire me the second time either, but they remembered I had applied before and gave me an interview to be nice. They said I was nice enough, seemed teachable, and had done what they asked. So they gave me the job. I wish you the best in finding an ER job, I feel I just got lucky!
  7. I don't expect to lose my job but some of our shifts are now 8 hours instead of 10. When your minimum (some times maximum) is 13 shifts, losing 2 hours every shift is like losing 2 + full shifts. I work a mix of shifts that had no cuts and some that had cuts. I can weather it, but it sucks. We are lower census now, which is nice in a way. They are mostly real "emergency" patients now.
  8. Quick math..... 12 hour shifts x 7 days a week = 84 hours a week working. $13000 / 84 hours = (about) $155. You are probably 1099 so that really is not that much money for a brutal schedule. Any 1099 want to chime in on how much you have to take out for taxes and what not? Maybe the work is not hard, but I suspect you are seeing a lot of people. The $13000 a week sounds awesome until you break it down.
  9. That sucks, there will be many more. As of writing this the USA has over 3,000 dead from COVID19.
  10. cc56

    Military Recall

    I was surprised to not see PA's on the list. I was surprised to see medics on the list..... The Army has so many usually. I wonder if they are looking for senior leadership more than the actual skills of a medic? I read an article somewhere, thousands of people stepped up to the call. That is awesome in my opinion.
  11. Awesome. I plan on getting the ER CAQ someday, glad it paid out for you!
  12. Malingerer!! Obviously only wants a work note. Also is the tetanus up to date?
  13. That is interesting. The "called in" part was very interesting. What is call back time, or are you sleeping there?
  14. I did not start UC, but I used UC to "hop" over to ER. The UC I worked at was slow then got more and more busy. I came in 1 year after being open and within 1 more year we went from 14 pt a day to like 30's. I heard they are doing 40's now, solo provider. Given occasional procedures, complexity, required paperwork, that makes for a busy long 12 hour day. Basically don't expect the UC to stay slow and low volume. Around me the UC pays a lot less than ER. The hours were not that much better as I had to work every other weekend. Also the UC I worked at did workman's comp which I hated, everything else UC I didn't mind. We were also freestanding with only onsite x-ray, and no blood labs. To answer the question personally I don't want to go to UC again any time soon from ER. Then again some of these UC out there see basically 90% of the "fast track" patients from ER. You also have CT, blood labs, monitors in rooms, ability to direct admit. Maybe that would not be bad V.S. the UC that are like Walgreens Minute clinics.
  15. Not to bring back an old post, but I was hoping for the same information. I read a post from 2012 and 2013, any new information? It looks like it is now called Caliburn.
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