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  1. I don't have a lot of faith in GOV projections. Very rarely do I feel they are accurate or even close. I agree with above Location, specialty, pay....Pick 2.
  2. cc56

    What PA Recruiters @ SEMPA said about the CAQ

    The funny part about CAQ is you have to work in EM to get CAQ. If they require CAQ for EM jobs then a new grad basically will have to go to a residency, and those only seem to take a few people at a time (from what I have seen, never been) I guess this would be good for those who have it/can get it now/or quickly get it, as they would be at a premium. The up and comers would be screwed. I personally like that PAs can switch from one type of job to another, I am not in favor of making them choose a specialty out of PA school and be stuck with that. I just filled out the NCCPA CAQ survey about 2 hours ago. I have thought about it, then not, then maybe, then..... shiny object and I don't want to.
  3. cc56

    Remote medicine questions

    Remote medical international offered me a job to work in Afghanistan a while ago (turned it down). The pay was low in my opinion... Boiled down to like $500 or so a day for 12 hour shifts (always on call) 7 days a week. There was some vacation. Seemed to be 90% OCC med stuff with the potential for sick call /real injuries. They wanted OCC med experience in DOT/fork lift/ fit for duty physicals, and know about OSHA recordables. When I looked at their web site it seemed to be awesome middle of no where Africa/South America oil wells in a rugged ambulance doing crazy remote medicine. When I asked about that, they said that was more the advanced paramedics. The only PA job was working in a clinic, maybe a more remote FOB in Afghan as a sub contractor.
  4. Doesn't bother me when they tell me, my system the comments are more helpful than demanding. "CT then DC", "Admit 234", things like that. I could see the way you describe it as turning into a pissing match. It would have the potential to bother me.
  5. I would add go to UC "When all you want is a work note (and you are fine), but you are going to say all of this crazy stuff to make sure you get the work note" Example.... I have substernal crushing chest pain with it radiating to my neck and down my left arm, and a cough and shortness of breath. 2 hours later in the ER.... Why is it taking so long, I just wanted a work note because I had a cough and missed work yesterday.
  6. Sed may have hit the nail on the head about personal problems. We expect (patients at least) expect MDs to have their crap in order. They get divorces, have spousal fights, have money problems, hate the job, etc.... It may or may not all be you.
  7. My Mom did a program and it was all online. She said she had a doctorate... When I talked to her more about it, she admitted it was not an accredited program. I wanted to dive deeper into it but lost interest. The thing that was interesting was her program was very clear in recommending you do not call yourself a "doctor" as you could get in trouble. The program my Mom went to was very "work book" oriented and then take a test. No hands on or clinicals. Bach flowers, essential oils, iridology (reading the iris for disease), "ancient Chinese" medicine, blood type eating, and some other stuff. The interesting part has been watching her lose faith in certain treatments as they aren't working, in fact certain things are getting worse. She and I would get into mild arguments, she stuck with the argument on things that worked for her... Mostly psych related (placebo effect). Certain things would calm her, give her joy, or make her focus. The things that were supposed to cure her hypothyroid or her varicose veins just don't seem to work. Surprise surprise. I think there is a place for them but not in PCP arena.
  8. I don't suspect you will make O-3. On a side note I remembered seeing an O-5 once at Walter Reed who had the most messed up uniform and his beret was all "wonky". I saluted him and he looked at me funny and gave back an awkward salute. Later on I found out he had like 1 month in the Army. He was a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon with many years of experience. His commander was an O-3 and half his age.
  9. SED- I did urgent care so I could go to ER. Once you go ortho where I am at, it is harder to switch to ER.
  10. 2 years and 2 days. I went into a different specialty after I left. I felt it was time to go. Tired of call and late surgery nights, plus I wanted to see something different from Ortho.
  11. cc56

    What PA route is more beneficial?

    Miked... oops IPAP not APAP!! Thanks for the catch.
  12. cc56

    Flight Medic vs Army Medic for Experience

    I don't know if either really matters. On a side note I was an active Army medic then went to the Guard as a flight medic. I personally loved being a flight medic with my group of guys and enjoyed it. I sadly stopped being a flight medic because my first PA job in a round about way made it known I would not get the job if I stayed guard. Ironically a 20 year retired Air Force surgeon was the one who was doing the interview. I chose to get out and regret it. Basically I am saying if you want to be a flight medic go be a flight medic! I was a flight medic in Afghanistan when I applied for PA school. I think that made my application stick out and I got an interview/accepted. Back then there was only 1,100 applications for like 48 seats (my numbers might be a little off). Having written references for scribes to go to PA school it seems to be more applicants for the same amount of seats. In conclusion I don't think being a flight medic will make a huge measurable difference, but I loved my flight medic experience and would do it again.
  13. cc56

    What PA route is more beneficial?

    I am PRO Army in general. I personally am thankful I went into the Army, but I did it at 19 with no college. I was a 91W (medic) then the Army changed it to 68W (medic). The Army basically paid for all of my education to become a PA. I applied for PA school in Afghanistan and I think that made my application stick out. Granted there was only like 1,100 applications for the 48 or so seats (now days it seems to be more applicants). Back on target. You would get your HCE in the Army while being paid OK (consider cost of housing/food/uniforms covered). You would also have the opportunity to apply for APAP (Military PA school). You would get your school 100% paid for, you would get paid full military pay/benefits while you did APAP. I am not a recruiter but you might even get your student loans paid off from your undergrad (if you have any). Once you are done with honorable service you have access to the VA. That means medical, home loans, small business loans, other opportunities. You have to realize you will leave for boot camp, will work a job that may not always please you, and may deploy. Most people have to commit to 4 years active duty and 4 years inactive duty. I personally tell people to go all in and do active first, then the reserves/guard if you want. Hell you never know, you may love it and stay 20 years! I am PRO Army, but the other services have opportunities too.
  14. cc56


    As an ER provider, I am very interested in this. Also what do you do when the person comes in and says "the ER gave it to me!" I have heard about contracts that say no pain meds from anyone, only the pain management. Is this truly in a contract or is every contract different?
  15. Funny you say this, I was looking today at a doctorate. I saw this... "The Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) offered by Lynchburg College has received accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC)." Anyone have any experience? Is it really 12 months long, can you really do it working 13 days a month 10 hour shifts in ER? What is required? I might start a new thread if no hits.

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