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  1. Coming in late to the conversation. I am earlier in my career. I would consider going to nursing school if I could challenge the NP boards and have independent practice. I used to be a member of CAPA but don't live in CA anymore. I have no idea who is at the helm and who are the people making the decisions on which direction to go. I am of the opinion that they should swing for the stars though..... I feel the Government does that. GOV says we are going to raise taxes 100%, the people get mad and complain. The GOV says "OK our bad" we will only raise 50% taxes. We the people cheer as if it is a victory and the GOV still got 50% raise in taxes. If we swing for the stars the AMA/CA MD's can complain and get some of it knocked down. They feel like they won but we still make a pretty big impact for our career field. Maybe CAPA has a good plan and truly thinks slow and steady will win the race, maybe they think they are swinging for the stars. I just wonder how long is this plan... 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 30 yrs? Like I said I don't know the people or keep up with CAPA anymore.
  2. I am going in cold to see what I know. I did not pre-study, but I do try to listen to EMrap/look stuff up at work often. So I am kinda studying all the time. As far as the test, somethings I just don't remember but I have it down to "A or C" and can look up quickly to confirm. There are questions I know the answer before reading the choices. I have done 16 or 25 so far, I did the 16 in one sitting. I will finish probably this weekend. I am continually putting down "low confidence" in my answers after the question. If I fail then I have 1 year to study for the PANRE. Then I will take the renewal course and get out the books. I will not cheat and will not discuss questions.... But I wonder if we are all getting the same questions or if they are randomly assigning an order to each person?
  3. From ER you may go urgent care. I was the only provider in the UC when I worked at certain locations. Some places will put you on a fixed schedule. You know you have every other weekend off and say Tues/Thur.... Not always exciting, but scheduled. Some have fixed hours like 8-8 and weekend 8-4 when you work. From my experience you have to like DOT physicals, school physical, sports physicals, Work comp, and cough/runny nose/sprains/cuts. I see it as an option, probably won't make as much, but might be easier work over all. A lot of UC want ER experience.
  4. I was an EMT, I got it at 18. I let it go, but miss having it for nostalgia reasons. If things were bad for me and I lost my PA-C, I would probably NOT go back to being an EMT. Bad pay, heavy lifting, bad hours, bad pay, and I am old now.
  5. Hold the line, don't give up. It should get easier the more you do it. Word gets out, and addicts talk to each other. People will know you are not the "candy man" and will stop seeing you. As your schedule opens up, better more receptive patients will fill the void. As you set the example, eventually some providers will see that you are not having XX% of visits for " narc refills". When they ask you about it, tell them what you are doing and why.
  6. Agree with Boatswain2PA. The best thing I ever did was go into the military! With that said I was young and wanted to go as far away from home as i could. So I went to Korea, are you ready to go to Korea with your family? Are you ready for living overseas for a few years? Are you ready to deploy by yourself and get attached to a group of people you may have never met? Is your family ready? If you say yes to this and want to serve then I think it is amazing! Amazing group of people, amazing experiences, pride in uniform, great benefits as a whole (VA loan, repayment of loans, Medical, pension...) On the flip side there will be tough times and frustrating times, you are in a contract and have to stay. I bring up the hardest things because that can happen. On this flip side you may end up at Travis in California outside of San Francisco and have a normal 9-5 job, never deploy, get good housing, and have a cushy job. Expect the worst, and hope for the best. As far as the VA I have not worked in one. My wife did it and was unhappy (she is a veteran and was a surgical scrub). Apparently it is VA to VA as to how things go. I did some rotations in a VA in school, seemed ok in California. I got a job offer in Phoenix for Ortho, there they had no residents so I guess I would have done the job/1st assist in surgery. I also got offered a job in Chicago in ER, there I would have been provider in triage only basically. I would be discharging basic stuff, residents get everything else. (FYI I did not proof read, forgive mistakes)
  7. I don't know anything about this, but God bless you for wanting to do it. I would not want to try to do recruiting. One of the Docs I work with got a call at work. He RIPPED into the person on the other end, made me uncomfortable and I had nothing to do with it. So many people talk bad about recruiters. I wish you the best of luck in your adventure.
  8. My favorite scrubs are the cheapest. Allheart.com will have some good deals. My only requirement is two front pockets by the navel on the scrub top. Holds my phone on the right and keys/wallet on the left pocket. I will also use a white coat at work for other things like script pad/pens/scissors. Years of being a tech and now years of being a PA I have not found a huge difference in expensive or name brand scrubs VS cheap scrubs. As a tech i used the pant thigh pocket a lot, now I don't need it. I prefer cheap and quantity of scrubs VS a few that are expensive. That way I can mix up all of the colors I like --> blues, tan, dark green, O.R. green, brown....
  9. I grew up in CA and went to school in CA. Ended up moving to the midwest. From looking at jobs the pay does not correspond with the cost of living. People WANT to live in CA and need jobs. They can pay less and still get people who want the job. Places like SD, OC, LA are desirable. Think about your costs and goals. If a house is important then you will live some where less desirable most likely. Also factor in student loan debt (if any), your life style costs, transportation, and pay. A 100K job is crap in CA in you want to be coastal SoCal. Even you and a spouse making good money makes it suck. If you are willing to go to Fresno, Bakersfield, middle desert places you can live a good life..... If you just want to get the CA experience and live life for a while then I say do it. Don't get me started on the San Francisco Bay area, that I have no idea how anyone can afford.
  10. I don't have a lot of faith in GOV projections. Very rarely do I feel they are accurate or even close. I agree with above Location, specialty, pay....Pick 2.
  11. The funny part about CAQ is you have to work in EM to get CAQ. If they require CAQ for EM jobs then a new grad basically will have to go to a residency, and those only seem to take a few people at a time (from what I have seen, never been) I guess this would be good for those who have it/can get it now/or quickly get it, as they would be at a premium. The up and comers would be screwed. I personally like that PAs can switch from one type of job to another, I am not in favor of making them choose a specialty out of PA school and be stuck with that. I just filled out the NCCPA CAQ survey about 2 hours ago. I have thought about it, then not, then maybe, then..... shiny object and I don't want to.
  12. Remote medical international offered me a job to work in Afghanistan a while ago (turned it down). The pay was low in my opinion... Boiled down to like $500 or so a day for 12 hour shifts (always on call) 7 days a week. There was some vacation. Seemed to be 90% OCC med stuff with the potential for sick call /real injuries. They wanted OCC med experience in DOT/fork lift/ fit for duty physicals, and know about OSHA recordables. When I looked at their web site it seemed to be awesome middle of no where Africa/South America oil wells in a rugged ambulance doing crazy remote medicine. When I asked about that, they said that was more the advanced paramedics. The only PA job was working in a clinic, maybe a more remote FOB in Afghan as a sub contractor.
  13. Doesn't bother me when they tell me, my system the comments are more helpful than demanding. "CT then DC", "Admit 234", things like that. I could see the way you describe it as turning into a pissing match. It would have the potential to bother me.
  14. I would add go to UC "When all you want is a work note (and you are fine), but you are going to say all of this crazy stuff to make sure you get the work note" Example.... I have substernal crushing chest pain with it radiating to my neck and down my left arm, and a cough and shortness of breath. 2 hours later in the ER.... Why is it taking so long, I just wanted a work note because I had a cough and missed work yesterday.
  15. Sed may have hit the nail on the head about personal problems. We expect (patients at least) expect MDs to have their crap in order. They get divorces, have spousal fights, have money problems, hate the job, etc.... It may or may not all be you.
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