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  1. Thank you HoosierPAS. I considered getting into the VA and then trying to go back into the Guard.
  2. I was talking to someone about military service, and then working for the Federal government. The person I was talking to was under the impression that you could take the years of active duty service and apply it to FERS (Federal retirement) and it would be like the military retirement. Example: 5 years active duty Military service --> get out and serve 15 years VA = a retirement like 20 years military service. I think that is wrong from my google searches. It looks like military service can help your FERS retirement but only being in the military for 20 years gets you a military typ
  3. Late to checking back on the forum. ICA= Intermediate cardiac bed, next step up is ICU. DIB= Difficulty in Breathing or Shortness of Breath.
  4. Today had a male in Afib RVR. Came in 3am with DIB and wanted a Neb. He was seen by someone else this morning, they identified Afib RVR, started Cardizem drip, etc, and admitted. Waiting to get an ICA room, he put in his head, if not in an ICA bed by 0730 he would leave. Well he left AMA.... Came back and saw me now at 3pm still having DIB, wanting another neb. No idea it was his heart causing DIB. This time he stayed, his wife got him to come back. Kettle, you guys get any trouble from the widow after the fact (sued)? That situation just sucks all the way around.
  5. Bmitch300wby, I have a legit Masters from them. It is a MPAS, and I would say I liked the program.
  6. This. I got a health sciences bachelors. They took a lot of PA credits from a certificate program! I got it done in one year working full time. Then did University of Texas Rio Grande, Masters in Physician Assistant Studies bridge in 1 year.
  7. To echo the sentiment... I like making money, but the frustrations I feel are not worth it. I was making more in ER (around $140k), now I am going to do immediate care with a few ED shifts. I should make the same money with RVU (paid 2x a year), but now I get PTO. I realized that PTO and time off was worth more to me now than making more money. Don't get me wrong though, I feel I could go contract with triple canopy for $1000 a day (in case anyone hears anything).
  8. I told myself in 2020 I was going to sit for the exam. Well, you know that whole COVID thing happened. I was going to sit at SEMPA and do the test, but it was canceled. Maybe this year, if they offer it. I can't believe CAQ has been around for 10 years!
  9. As I was reading this I was thinking you could get the backpacks with the soft armor built in. You may already use a backpack that you could just add the armor to. Back packs are much easier to grab and go with, than a vest. You can hold it in your hands and cover your upper chest and face. You could just put the bag on your chest with straps like a typical vest, or wear it like a back pack. Easier to put on while moving. Could be used as a distraction device, maybe even a weapon. No one usually questions a back pack, so no one knows. You start putting on a vest, you really stick out.
  10. I have nothing to add, I want to know also. Lastly is there anyone who has done this? Did you like the jump, is it a good area of medicine?
  11. Excelsior I think requires up to date sciences. Some of us who have been a PA for a while would have to redo those (time and money), then do the program (again time and money), then try to get into an NP program (more time and money). I say try because you might get discriminated against by already being a PA. I am hoping that I won't see the end of the line for my career before I want to retire. I too have had thoughts of trying to get my NP, out of fear of being left behind sooner-than-later.
  12. I hope to finish soon. Right now above national average too. I have also been surprised in what my over all scores have been. I am just glad in a few days I will be good for 10 more years!!! I wonder if they will stick with this same test or make major modifications for future tests?
  13. I got one and used it for 2 days. It marked up my coat, and was not better (in my opinion). I had to turn it on every time, and it was more "clunky". Was a gift from someone who didn't like it. One of the docs I work with who has terrible hearing likes his. I think they have a place, and those in that place like it. The rest of the people I have talked to like the traditional stethoscope.
  14. That is pretty impressive. I am partial to Army medics, but I guess the navy medics (corpsman) can have their day.
  15. I would love to see where people are seeing openings for PA short term contract work. Krucial has not posted anything for PA/NP in a while, all RN positions. I am open to it. My Company offered a volunteer 30 day furlough if you want it, with a guarantee to get your full time job back.
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