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  1. IMBA from University of Illinois. I like the program especially because it is all online for 22k. Still a question of whether it is going to get me to the next step as I am still completing it.
  2. I am a year into the IMBA from University of Illinois. I felt like that would set me up for administration or potentially starting my own healthcare oriented company way better than DMSC. Feel free to connect if you have any questions.
  3. I think you "can." The bigger question is whether there is anything you can do that will actually help. I doubt it. To me, TPA is pulling the trigger...once the bullet is out of the barrel, you can't get it back. That is why it is so alarming how neurologists give it like asking a nurse to give a glass of water. I have heard of patients with completely resolved symptoms getting TPA ordered by the neurologists in my shop...
  4. A little bit of background... I am an ED PA/NP director for a moderately sized hospital group. We are reviewing contracts and an interesting idea came up. I have worked for and seen contracts for a few different groups in the area who are all paying ED PA's hourly, but those working on our contracts are stating that they have to pay us a salary instead because we are exempt employees. I'm wondering if most of ED PA are being paid hourly or salary and if anyone knows any background on why they are coming to this conclusion. Looking forward to being educated!
  5. Find a small ED to work in. A wise person once told me "Better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond." When you work in a small ED, everyone knows you and can grow to respect your medical prowess if you are hardworking and a great provider. If you're in a large ED, you will have a hard time ever proving anything to anyone because there are just too many personalities to contend with, and you don't work with them enough to develop rapport.
  6. Does anyone know of any good data for EM PAs regarding salary? I keep hearing from our group that we are at the top 10% range for EM PAs making around 125k, but I haven't really been able to find much to dispute this. This is the excuse for not having yearly raises, etc. SEMPA doesn't have anything I could find past around 2010, and AAPA data was not really helpful either.
  7. Everyone knows someone who makes a lot of money...I think its funny that no one has come forward to say that they make these numbers. Especially $200k+. Could be that they have no time to visit a forum like this...could also be that all of this is anecdotal evidence...
  8. Great post on EPmonthly that can address some of the issues discussed. http://www.epmonthly.com/www.epmonthly.com/departments/subspecialties/management/beating-the-burnout-blues/ Do not argue with patients who repeatedly request narcotics. Agree to disagree, offer other options, and if they decline, politely decline to write narcotics and leave the room. If they raise their voice, out the door you go. Do not give them anything to push back against.
  9. Crazy one that one of my SP's had in urgent care several weeks ago. 11 or 12 yo F with complaint of abdominal pain x 1 week. Mildly tachycardic, otherwise normal vitals. Physician elicited history of somewhat recurrent which had been diagnosed as gastroenteritis about a year ago. No N/V/D currently. Now, patient is in severe pain. "Rigid" abdomen, diffusely tender. Physician orders labs. All normal except positive HCG. He immediately goes back in and starts asking about sexual history. Normal periods, swears no sexual intercourse. Physician transfers to ED where she is found to have a malignant teratoma. She is undergoing chemo now and possibly surgery at some point.
  10. 1. Brudzinski's sign checking for meningeal irritation due to to meningitis 2-5. No clue 6. Apply pressure posteriorly on the hips of a newborn causes a "clunk"- dysplastic hips
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