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  1. For those of you in surgeries how does your institution handle this? Previously, I signed the 24 hour update prior to cases so that blocks, anesthesia, etc can start. One of the clip board toters from upstairs decided she doesn't believe this is legal anymore and that only the surgeon can sign.... Thoughts? I'm on mobile so posting related info is proving difficult.
  2. I did the HippoEducation one. It's online, around $500 i believe. You have access for a year if I remember right. I thought it was helpful. Passed test relatively easily. 100 CME hours as well
  3. Ooofff.... Used NextGen at my current job 4-5 years ago. Thankfully we switched. It was horrible. I doubt they have improved it any. Use your quick/dot phrases. That's about all I have for you other than condolences.
  4. Not sure why I'm responding as I have no skin in this thread and I'm just stepping in a pile that I have no need to be in.... But.... We do send patients to the state hospital from my rural ER. They have a medical screen, Tele psyche screen, then board in the ER for an eternity (if lucky we can admit....but....) until a bed opens.
  5. This job doesn't sound like it can legally be 1099.... Tread lightly..... Also, i would think corrections and addictions would have a solid mental health background. Don't sell yourself short!
  6. I have access to the AAPA salary report. Are there any other options that are valuable? Have some negotiations upcoming.. our management uses MGMA (usually an old version) that always seems low. I work about 75% ortho, 25% ER, hospital employed W-2. Any other suggestions or resources I'm overlooking?
  7. If it is the NHSC loan repayment program., the consequences of breaking your agreement are easy to find. Also, while this site may "qualify" for loan repayment, it is far from guaranteed. I worked at a site that "qualified" previously, but did not have a high enough score to actually achieve loan repayment.
  8. I would be cautious with this. Really look at your expenses. From first hand experience, gradPlus loans are pretty brutal interest wise.....a private personal loan will be even worse. In general the COA is quite reasonable.
  9. Hard to tell without an X-ray to verify, but likely nothing other than splinting needs done.
  10. You can definitely stop by clinics. Also check out hospital system websites for their job openings. It seems these don't always make it to Indeed.
  11. Dosing isn't important to memorize in general. You can essentially always look this up. I actually recommend that people look then up for the first year or so in practice. Then you just magically start knowing them without realizing it. Good luck! You'll be fine.
  12. As a Midwestern redneck I resent that haha!
  13. Out of curiosity, how are rotation grades calculated for the school(s) you typically work with?
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