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  1. I'm not sure I could get away with this for my job. They require detailed receipts. Can't say anything about the gift card (or they deduct that from what we get reimbursed). For jobs that don't require such stringent receipts it's awesome though!
  2. I'm back at work tomorrow. Let me see if I can find our organizational chart.
  3. Working mostly at a rural Solo coverage site has truly changed my job outlook.
  4. I'm thankful that my current facility words their tuition reimbursement as classes that better our education and can provide benefit to our institution in the future. Pretty wide open...as long as it benefits them
  5. Even though my hourly salary dropped a HUGE amount by taking a W2 Job, having insurance with a new baby was much more important to me. Sadly....I feel like I'm paying more out of pocket half the time then I did without insurance [emoji17]
  6. I'm in Wisconsin currently...pretty much the same...
  7. I'm currently working at a critical access/Solo coverage site. Since starting this role, I've become happier with my job in medicine. This being said, I'm keeping my potential options in the future open, and wondering what other areas have these same type of opportunities, specifically ones that are somewhat close to a major airport (one that has more than one airline[emoji849]) and is family friendly, good schools, (I have a 2.5yo). I'd actually prefer *not* living in the same community that I work in, but within a short commute.
  8. I took Levitan's airway course and thought it was an amazing course and well worth the steep cost
  9. Oh, I completely agree. It's paid for by my job, otherwise I wouldn't spend money on it either. Unless it's a nationally available/accessible course making it part of the standards seems silly. It would be nice to see it become a larger course though!
  10. I look at the CAQ as an equivalent to a board certified EM physician. Yes, you need experience prior to sitting for the CAQ, which limits it to those already working in the field. But, it does make you stick out. And I definitely flaunt it. I already can see jobs making it a bigger deal. And it also helps my employer tout to our higher ups and our patients that we have x percentage of our providers board certified.
  11. I've done CALS (Required at my current WI job). It's actually a GREAT course and really ties ACLS, PALS, NRP, ATLS together. It's not a replacement for any of those courses, but allows for more integration of the courses with each other practically.
  12. Levitan's course was AMAZING. I'm lucky, my current job paid me to take it. But, I would pay for it out of pocket again. Met some amazing providers (mostly docs), and got to get some good PA PR to these docs (they were impressed at what I managed as a PA and that I was taking courses they were)
  13. I work in a solo coverage ED as well. A couple of our EDs are combined UC/ED, and we staff both...
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