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  1. Diabetes and Hypothyroidism, if the PAs I know in Endo are to be believed. Pretty much just these two things, with a sprinkle of hyperthyroid before subsequently treating them for the resulting hypothyroidism.
  2. I haven't seen a pharma rep in years. We don't allow them, and only prescribe generics for the most part anyway. At my last job we had a rep lunch every day, which I miss. I typically just let them give me their spiel and eat the free food, so it never bothered me. And the ED drug reps were always attractive, so that didn't hurt...
  3. mmiller3

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    Some people here seem bound and determined to watch our profession fade away due to an unwillingness to welcome change. You don't want your grandchildren being treated by an unsupervised PA? Do your homework before they see that provider. Some of the reasons against this are unreal.
  4. Tell whomever you are in talks with what you salary requirement is, up front. If they cannot guarantee it, you should walk away. You will waste a lot of time with credentialing, etc, if they low ball you after all is said and done. I know they can do this because they did it for me, albeit in a different AO.
  5. ^^ Much of what Reality said it what I experienced in my negotiations with the VA. The clinic was nice but the providers looked stressed, the system they were using was archaic, and the patients were waiting forever in the lobby. The system is flawed, and ultimately I decided to go private sector instead.
  6. You can definitely negotiate. I was offered $125k/year (10 years experience in Primary Care) at the Iowa/Quad Cities VA. This was the same rate as the NPs are offered. Just tell them you don't understand the disparity and don't see how you can work there at a reduced salary for the same work. If they don't work with you, hard pass (and let them know why you are passing). There is no reason for us as PAs to be paid on a different scale simply because some bureaucrat somewhere doesn't know his or her a** from a hole in the wall.
  7. I don't think I would be a PA if I had a re-do opportunity. I would probably be an engineer or do something with computers. Maybe healthcare admin. If I did the PA route over, I would not change my school. I graduated with no student loans thanks to it being a public school and my GI Bill/Illinois military scholarship.
  8. If you are moving to Colorado, get started ASAP. It took me almost 5 months to get my license; DORA either has no concept of time or simply could not care less about getting you licensed. They would respond with an email (after repeated calls/emails) to let me know I was missing something (that I had faxed several times). Once I would fax it (again), I would then play the repeated emails/calls game to get them to acknowledge they received it, only to have them turn around and tell me I needed something else. Compared to licensing in Illinois, it was a nightmare. Maybe I was an isolated case, but it does not sound like it after talking to some colleagues.
  9. mmiller3

    I can't be a PA anymore

    Wow. Just taking the PANCE and getting your license would be a smart decision (I assume you still can?). There are non-clinical positions out there for PAs if you are that afraid of your clinical judgement.
  10. Your response contains a dangerous level of postulation and presupposition without much in the way of facts.
  11. mmiller3

    Air Force PA-C

    Maverick87 is/was a member here who is/was an AF PA, but it does not appear he has been on since February 2017. You may be able to email him through the site. I wish I could give you more info, but I know nothing about the AF.
  12. mmiller3

    anyone go from PA to MBA?

    It is brutal everywhere. I finished my MHA almost 2 years ago. I knew that my only chance of finding a job that did not require me to basically start over was to be accepted into a fellowship. What I did not anticipate was the competition. I have even applied to the VA fellowships, thinking being a veteran may give me a small leg up; I am routinely beaten out by 10-point disabled veterans for the fellowships. I honestly feel like I wasted 2 years of my life at this point (not to mention the money).
  13. mmiller3

    Need Help Please Advise

    At this point, you should not be posting anything further, but looking into the advice you have been given. If you choose to continue to work in the environment you are in, then you will have no one to blame but your self if any problems arise down the road (and I suspect they will). That, or this is just a troll-thread. If so, I bit.
  14. I cannot read this without cringing.
  15. mmiller3

    Noncompete clause?

    That's good to know. If all else fails, I suppose...

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