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  1. NP-only, and 83K a year for ortho? Awesome. Hopefully they don't get any takers, but given the area they are in, I suspect this will get filled.
  2. I was a member of the Colorado Academy of PAs; they have been talking about OTP for the past few years, and the most we have seen is uncoupling liability from the supervising physician (if you have 3+ years of experience). Still need the supervising physician, they just don't have any malpractice liability. Our profession is baby-stepping while NPs are long-jumping, and the AAPA allowed it to happen. Until I see something more substantial from the AAPA than an expensive name-change survey, I will continue to be cynical.
  3. This. It is a good step, but we still have the major obstacle remaining, which is being tethered to a supervising physician. AAPA needs to focus on eliminating this; once (if) they start really working on that, I will become a member again.
  4. Asking questions on a professional forum can be a way of networking. Using Indeed will not identify potential jobs that have not been listed, but someone here may know about. Also, it is somewhat ironic that you took time to type out that completely unnecessary response, but couldn't be bothered to spell out "seriously"...
  5. I took it about 9 or 10 years ago I believe, but it was extremely easy if you actually study for it. There was an IM doc who took it with me and didn't think he needed to study. He did not pass.
  6. My email hasn't changed and I received notifications when each quarter opened, and again when a quarter was about to close. Never received one survey email.
  7. My thoughts exactly. I never received any email surveys for feedback, or that would be my first suggestion.
  8. I got my MHA, but administration is a lot of who you know. There are some jobs for new administrators out there; however, the pay typically sucks. If anyone knows of an open position in a decent-paying administrative role, I would happily work to better represent PAs lol...
  9. I had to change to orthopedics for my sanity. I was seriously considering a significant pay cut just to change to administration to get out of primary care.
  10. So many variables. All your points are good. We have not been doing much testing for flu at the Army hospital--all COVID. That may be a factor.
  11. Rural areas. Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin (outside of the bigger cities) had a lot of available opportunities before I left in 2018; no idea if this has changed much.
  12. Just finished mine today while at work (not recommended--kept getting interrupted and missed 6 questions, which is my worst by far). I didn't see any actual score, but the breakdown showed me well above the national average for the total. Did anyone who has completed it previously get an email with your score, or an official passing grade?
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