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  1. Finally a state breaks through. Hopefully Colorado will follow suit, although I suspect some of the states that have difficulty attracting providers or have larger rural populations will be more likely to adopt these rule changes sooner. Happy to hear the AAPA contributed to this in ND, as I am honestly disenchanted with the organization overall.
  2. I can certainly agree with not giving chronic pain meds, benzos/narcotics combos, or ADHD meds to adults who "just can't concentrate". Not filling out FMLA paperwork? I wish I had that luxury, but patient satisfaction is still a thing around here. In all honestly, if they take the time and spend the co-pay to come see me, I don't mind filling out reasonable FMLA documentation. It's not like society is any worse off if the call-center is missing an employee for a few days, regardless of the reason.
  3. You're not kidding. Even Kaiser doesn't offer that great of a deal.
  4. I agree that keeping personal attacks out of the conversation is a good idea, you lost me when you stated that we as PAs being supervised adds credibility over NPs. That is the exact opposite of everyone else's opinion that I have seen. We are viewed as "assistants" by the ignorant and administration alike. Whether an APP being unsupervised from the start is a wise idea is beginning to be irrelevant, as NPs are already starting to practice without any ties to physicians. The longer we tether ourselves as PAs to the old model, the harder it will be to stay relevant and be a viable profession.
  5. We are BetaMax, HD-DVD, and anything else that has lost out to a competitor with better organization and marketing.
  6. I guess when the AAPA and NCCPA no longer have any PAs to take money from, they will get the message. Of course, we'll all have been screwed over at that point, but that has never really mattered to either of these organizations anyway, has it?
  7. At the rate we are changing our profession, we might as well just change our name to "DNP Assistant".
  8. I did all 25 yesterday. I missed 3; two I thought could have gone either way and one I just did not know, even after looking for it for almost 5 minutes. Most of the questions are very much "walking around information", but some were tricky. Overall, after just one set of questions, I would prefer this to the regular PANRE.
  9. Well, I can't tell you where to look, but I can tell you where not to look. I was interested in transitioning out of clinical side, and got a Master's in Health Administration. After 2 years of looking for a position that is not a $70k reduction in salary, I can say that if you don't know someone or have a ton of admin experience already, you are wasting your time and money. At least, in my experience.
  10. I am introduced by my staff as a PA; I always introduce myself by my first name and go from there. It may seem unprofessional, but most of my patients like it. Most of them call me Dr Miller anyway, so maybe they aren't even listening...
  11. I'll fess up--it was me. Me for all of it (except the fractured not broken thing...?). Sorry all...some of us used to work on RVUs. I need them coming back.
  12. Thanks to you (and everyone else) who has commented. I am in the middle of selling one house and building another, and the stress of this has been weighing on me. Good to know it seems to be straight-forward. What is a passing score? Obviously I have not even watched the video they recommend yet...
  13. I just went through this whole ordeal. The guidelines for the LOR were stringent; I had to resubmit one letter several times for various reasons. Hopefully you get lucky with your DORA worker. I did not, and she was awful. She would take weeks to respond to me, only to tell me the same information she had told me previously, or that she had not received faxed information (faxed several times with confirmation of receipt per our machine). She was very inflexible and a total PITA. F*** DORA.
  14. We had an RVU system similar to this at my last job. Thankfully they had guaranteed salary floors for new hires and for the other providers any time they hired a new provider. Instead of demanding a check at the end of the year if your did not meet goal they simply lowered your salary the next year, but it was stupid. Unless you have a slammed clinic, it can be stressful.
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