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Any recommendation on EKG book?

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Hi all,


I have been working in the FP and switching to fast track ED soon. I desperately need EKG book or website to work on my EKG skill.  I used EM bootcamp EKG course which was somewhat helpful but was wondering if there are other suggestions to improve my EKG reading.  

Any advice would be appreciated!

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"Rapid Interpretation of EKGs" by Dubin.  Every provider I know has read this book and recommends it.  It's the standard intro book.

Would definitely agree. #1 selling EKG book of all time. Actually, at one point was the #1 selling medical textbook in the world. I used it in PA school, it was recommended in medical school to me, and I see many residents in the hospital reading it. You can easily read it it 1-2 days, which instills the fundamentals, the back of the book has a quick summary too. Then after I can see maybe fine tuning will practice ekgs or maybe a more in depth book.


Key word....intro book. If your responsible for reading EKGs, you need much more than that.


What would you recommend? Don't all EKGs need to be "signed off" by the attending in the ER anyway? It was like that at the place I rotated for awhile, not sure what other places are like. 

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