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  1. In my experience, micro wasn't nearly as detail oriented in PA school as it was in Med school. I did not use those sources in PA school, did great in micro, but didn't really remember much at all. In med school, I used pathoma and sketchy, and I remember literally everything from sketchy and will remember those details for years. Many friends used picmonic too and loved it. However, those sources might be too detailed for PA school, so I wouldn't want you wasting time memorizing things you won't be tested on. In PA school, time is limited as it is. Also, I'd recommend finding the PDF versions
  2. I like Diagnosaurus. I think I paid maybe $5, but you type in any sign, symptom or disease and it gives you an accurate differential diagnosis. Well worth the money IMO.
  3. It is not possible to learn the info required for Step 1 in one year of school. If traditional medical schools can only do it in 2 years (which is equivalent to about 40-50 credits a semester), what makes you think you can cut off a year? Your PA experience will NOT help you for Step 1, period. I think you need to be MUCH more realistic. Thats just my opinion though.
  4. We're getting closer, but we'll never be able to top the amount of confusing acronyms NPs put after their name. Sincerely, Hckyplyr DMS, PA-C, MS, BS, BA, ACLS, BLS, RSVP, ASAP, WTF
  5. Diagnosaurus DDx. Its $5, you put in any sign, symptom, etc and it gives you the differential diagnosis. I use it all the time to make sure I'm not missing things
  6. Don't listen to your parents, they have no idea what they are talking about. If you choose the physician route, DO NOT EVER go to a foreign/caribbean medical school. Go US MD/DO. Good luck
  7. I ran all of the numbers before I went back to med school. PA vs MD/DO lifetime earnings, based on my calculations, the physician always won, by >$1.5 million up to $7 million more in lifetime earnings based on specialty. Keep in mind, this was specific to my situation. If the OP really wanted to do this, they need to do their own calculation because there's just way too many variables that are person dependent, including: a. PA school cost (different for each one) b. Med school cost (different for each one) c. Living at home or taking loans out for living expenses d. Re
  8. I just saw your post. I'm so sorry to hear that. Sounds like you're doing the best thing given your circumstances. Work as a PA, get in close with a residency program and let them get to know you and your situation, and they will match you. Its all about who you know.
  9. I still got love for the PA forums I'm a MS3 now, I haven't regretted it once up until about a week ago. The non-stop board exams, shelf exams, evaluations, insane hours, presentations, research, COSTS, and stress is getting to be too much. Mess up one little thing and it will have devastating consequences to getting the residency I want. Not to mention the stress on my marriage and lack of life outside medicine. Hoping things will improve. As far as knowledge gained, I will never regret that.
  10. How do you feel you're a competent provider when you just graduated PA school? No, they will not ask medical questions. Good luck
  11. I'm a MS3. Great post. Thanks for taking the time to go through all of that.
  12. Where's all the attacks that I received, saying how the Steps will not make you a better provider, you forget everything after them and essentially they are only testing superfluous knowledge not needed for clinical medicine????? Wondering what your thoughts are on some of the comments I received when my controversial posts were so heavily criticized. In summary from a few standout posts: -Med school and residency not necessary for primary care. (Physician is overtrained) -PA in FP for 3-5 years should be granted independent practice rights, or take a PANCE related Step to grant
  13. To add to this, I feel like a lot of PA's (myself included) introduce themselves as "Hi I'm hckyplyr, I'm one of the PA's working today." I feel like this makes it sound like your a dime a dozen, just one of the random people working that day. I've never heard a physican (though I'm sure its happened) say "Hi, I'm Dr. X, one of the physicians working today." I'm not sure why I did it, or why others continue to do it, but there must be something better we can say.
  14. https://lecom.edu/content/uploads/2017/03/LECOM-2017-Residency-Match.pdf Scroll to the bottom page. Since some are talking about LECOM on this thread, I thought I'd attach this years match list. I agree with you that generally matching competitive specialties as a DO will be more difficult, do not be mistaken it still happens, and VERY often. Competitive specialities are hard to match for MDs are well, hence the name "competitive" specialty. As you can see from the attached pdf, there are plenty of students who matched "competitively," like ortho, general surg, anesthesia, urology, neuro
  15. This is a fantastic post. I just finished a psych rotation with a well renowned psychiatrist, and your comments essentially mirrored all they things he was teaching. I feel like many providers have no idea how to tailor each SSRI to the patient, and just randomly pick one. The guy I was with was pretty adamant that Wellbutrin does not work for anxiety, its great for atypical depression. But as you eluded to, it will work fantastic for patients who need a boost in energy, focus/concentration, no libido problems and weight neutral/loss. Your adjunct treatments are great too. I'd add tha
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