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  1. I think this will only help APPs. We make considerably less than 85% of physician salaries in most specialties, so billing at 85% of their rate would still make us quite desirable to the bean counters.
  2. Fantastic plan. Smart kid. He'll have a degree and a license, and have learned a trade that will provide him with work and income for the rest of his life. He can do travel nursing which makes a ton of money. Administration, education, informatics, CRNA, CRNP, etc. He can become a PA if he chooses. Or go to medical school. Or do any other graduate education he wishes to pursue. Becoming a RN is a very wise choice, as it affords you almost endless opportunities.
  3. Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 890 into law yesterday. AB 890 allows NPs to work without physician supervision, removing the supervisory requirement in existing law.
  4. Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 890 into law today. AB 890 allows NPs to work without physician supervision, removing the supervisory requirement in existing law.
  5. The NPs are definitely trying to capitalize on this. Tennessee just granted FPA because of the pandemic. I wouldn't be surprised if other states do the same before this is all over.
  6. I work critical care and I'm on remicade infusions. No option to stay home. I wear a PAPR if SARS-CoV-19 is suspected and when intubating go straight to glidescope. I would say if this person is primary care and there is no PPE available, should any of you be there? How critical is this practice? I would contact your prescriber before stopping. Keep in mind if you take a break from a biologic, it might not work as well, or at all, when you start again. And the risk of a relapse or flare may be just as serious depending on what autoimmune disease you have.
  7. Originally it had no mention of PAs, so after it was tabled and reintroduced, PAs were able to find inclusion to at least some degree. Looks like Desantis signed it. The NPs seem to be happy. Baby steps. Doesn't include all NPs is the problem.
  8. Looks like HB 607 is going to the governor.
  9. Yeah, I think they are of the mindset that baby steps are still forward progress, while the other organizations are thinking more "go big or go home".
  10. NP and nursing organizations are opposed to this bill because it actually adds regulation to NP practice. It is not FPA. The current version of the bill moves NPs away from core principles and national standards for NP regulation. As amended, the bill moves NP regulation out of the Board of Registered Nursing, creates a new regulatory board that includes physician oversight, regulates NPs by setting, and establishes new barriers.
  11. I'm CCM and we do 6x12s and 1x8 (that is always a 12) each 2 week pay period. The hospitalist APPs do 4x10s. We get 26x8 hour shifts, or 17x12 hour shifts of PTO each year.
  12. My acute care NP program included many hours covering POCUS, with didactic and hands on content with hired "models" to let us practice. FAST scan, abdominal, lung / thorax, vascular access, the 4 main cardiac views, etc. Definitely an exception, not the rule, but certainly not the only NP program doing this.
  13. CRNAs are not NPs, but they are APRNs. CNMs are not NPs, but they are APRNs. CNS are not NPs, but they are APRNs. PMHNPs, PNPs (both acute and primary care), FNPs, ACNPs, WHNPs, AGPCNPs, etc are all NPs and APRNs. DNP is a degree, and does not specifically refer to a NP. A RN, CRNA or CNM can be a DNP, but not be a NP. For the past many decades, FNPs were really the only track/certification on the block so they were found in every specialty. Most state BONs (really all of them) still allow this. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing created the Consensus Model for
  14. I prefer small to medium sized health systems. I currently work at two hospitals - one is a bit less than 400 beds, and the other is around 150. Like the poster above me, I feel like I make more of an impact. Bigger fish in a smaller pond, I suppose. But I do think as PA/NPs we are generally on a bit more of a level playing field with physicians in smaller systems. Our opinion matters more, and typically, we can actually do more.
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