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  1. Oh come on. That's so inappropriate. You are acting as a provider in these circumstances. You can't do an H&P. You can't come up with differentials as a scribe.
  2. If you are interested in peds or OB, I wouldn't attend Seton Hill. You will only get 3 weeks of clinical experience in both.
  3. Kaepora


  4. I've worked many different schedules - 3x12s, rotating days nights, weekends, 5x8s, call rotations, etc. Far and away the best in my opinion is 3x12s. I don't care about working weekend shifts with this schedule because you still have so much free time outside of work. I don't mind nights as an APP because they're usually slower paced and more relaxed. Call is no biggie. 3x12s means you are only working 43% of the year. You are off way more than you're at work! Can't beat it. And as long as at the holiday schedule is done fairly, you only rarely miss the important ones.
  5. I guess I don't really see the utility in this? There's very little cross over in the actual *job* duties between these two professions. What avenues does this combination open?
  6. Kaepora

    Do No Harm To Each Other

    Haha, no comments... looks like people on this forum aren't interested in this point of view.
  7. Kaepora

    What are your thoughts?

    These providers should absolutely lose their licenses - and worse. Earlier this month a physician in my local area was just arrested for exchanging opiates for sexual favors. And a PA in Harrisburg was arrested for diverting almost 10,000 narcotics pills. How any prescriber could think they would get away with this stuff when the PDMP is watching every prescription written is beyond me.
  8. My school was called "____ ____ ____ of Nursing and Health Professions". Physician Assistants aren't even mentioned by name. Imagine how unhappy those students must be. It probably keeps them up at night. Imagine, all the PTs, Nutritionists, Counselors and therapists, etc, all being trained in the nursing model.... ?
  9. Go for it. I've applied to "PA" positions. I think 9/10 they'll take either because, depending on the state, there's really no difference.
  10. Kaepora

    New forum idea?

    Bactrim isn't totally innappropriate for an animal bite... I'm not sure why you chose this anecdote to prove incompetence. Sure, amox-clav is the first line, textbook recommendation, but, bactrim has good activity against aerobes and also has mrsa coverage so it's perfectly acceptable in this scenario (plus clinda or flagyl). As for your other "example" - first of all, he just sounds uber cocky and, as he's only a student, he has a rude awakening in store. Second of all, he's just a student. I precept PA students from 3 local programs and MDs from 1 local program, and sometimes I am shocked by the silly things they say, but you have to remember they are just students. They're learning. Cut them some slack. ALLLLLL of us have negative anecdotes for every other type of provider. I have *plenty* for PAs. In fact, most of mine are probably about physicians. But every profession is represented, haha. Personally, I don't think this kind of attitude helps anyone.
  11. I think NP and PA programs are seen by schools as a cash cow. This problem occurred with NP programs first because so many schools already had RN programs and very little in the way of start up had to occur for these schools of nursing to start NP programs. So this situation got way out of hand really quickly because very little effort had to be invested. Whereas for PA programs, a lot of effort and time had to be invested to start a program de novo. But, it's beginning to happen with them as well. My area is just absolutely over run by students from 2 medical schools, 5 PA programs and 3 NP programs.
  12. I would approach my current employer, tell them about the offer and my desire to stay in my current position, but only for appropriate compensation. If they refuse I'd politely and professionally tell them to "piss off" and then take the other job. That's >$20,000 a year increase for full-time hours. That's a big deal. My time isn't cheap, and if you want the high quality work that I can bring to the table, you need to bring your pocket book to the table.
  13. Then they have to see the fibro, ic, restless leg..etc etc too Haha, they can have *all* the fibro patients. And IBS.
  14. Haha, I called that.

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