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Can You Negotiate with Large Corporations That Have Unions

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In my experience there is absolutely no personal negotiating when unions are involved.  The only negotiating that occurs is between the employer and the union representative(s) on behalf of everyone the union represents.  Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of having the union.


There are always pros and cons to unions.  You just have to make sure you look into the situation and how it works with the union specifically before making a decision.

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Thank you all.  


Update: They offered a position and I accepted.  Speaking to other KP PA's, it is unionized and wage/benefits are non-negotiable.  It's the same for everyone.


KP benefits are good and they offer a pension after 5 years as well.  Medical benefits standout in that they cover your family very well, but PTO (10 days) with flex personal time (5 days) were somewhat disappointing.  They wage is above average and they pay for being on call as well.

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