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  1. So much of this depends on other factors but generally basement is around $90k
  2. As long as your SP or others in the practice are happy to help with questions as you get trained up then 1month is no big deal. CME 5 days, $2500, all fees associated with performing your job (DEA, license renewal, subscription to an Endocrine journal to stay up to date, and maybe an UpToDate subscription) should be paid by the folks that you are making a small fortune for. You might not get your first DEA license paid for because you will not be working with them yet, but that should be paid as an ongoing cost if you are there in 3 years.
  3. The first time I was getting killed and everyone else was chillin their heels in the main ED I’d make sure, politely, that they knew I was in need of help. The second time I’d make sure, not politely, they knew I needed help. The third time I’d tell them they either got their asses back there and helped me or I was walking out the door and they could handle all of it themselves without me. That being said it sounds like the ER you work at has a staffing issue that, if they won’t address it, you need to remove yourself from.
  4. I’d ask for a daily rate 1.25-1.5 times your current rate. Heres the catch, your base salary can’t change. This has to be in addition to what you already make. My practice is trying to get the same thing right now and are offering time off during the week in exchange for weekend days, and they’d like me to work every other weekend. Weekends would be paid at a 20% premium... but I wouldn’t be paid for those days that they give me off during the week. I’d still work 10 days in a pay period, but two of them would be paid at time + 20%. At $100k/yr a 20% bump on 2 days of a 10 work day pay period means I get an extra $4k a year. $4k to not be at home with family, hang out with friends, take weekend trips. That’s not worth it and NONE of the doctors in your practice would agree to give up a weekend for that rate.
  5. Northeast/East North Carolina has tons of jobs. I get a dozen emails weekly from recruiters/job sites for jobs out that way.
  6. I have read of other people being asked this only to find out that it’s a miscommunication. Ask them to clarify this.
  7. Agreed. 12 on 2 off is what I am doing now, but I am not obligated to do it. I can choose to not work or work any weekend I like with no expectation that I am available. Their idea is to make it an expectation and in exchange give me two week days off. They are aware that my plan has always been to stop working weekends once my wife is done with nursing school, which now also roughly coincides with the birth of our baby. My bargaining position is that I’ll keep working every other weekend with two week days per two week pay period off and not take a pay cut from what I am earning now working 12 on 2 off. Functionally my acceptable position is asking for a 25% raise to work fewer hours than I do currently but shift two work days to a weekend days every pay period. I am just not sure if I am undervaluing that time or being ridiculous with my position, so I am looking for 3rd party views. If they tried to hire someone with 2 years experience to work this sschedule I think this is roughly what they’d have to pay to make the job attractive, if not more. But I also tend to think rather highly of my contributions
  8. Looking for some thoughts. Two years out of school, working for the same practice. Currently I am paid $98k to work Mon-Fri about 45 hours per week, inpatient primarily including two half day shifts in the wound center each week. I also cover, voluntarily, every other weekend for a 20% stipend over my daily rate while my wife is in nursing school (and now pregnant with our first). It works out to ~$115k/yr, plus a not guaranteed a 10% base salary bonus yearly. This all balances out to around $125k/yr The docs have come to really like having me on the weekends. We are hiring another PA with a boatload of experience, and with there soon to be two of us, they have soft floated the idea to me of making the weekend thing a part of the job instead of voluntary. They have said that they would give me two days off during the week I am working the weekend to "offset things". Obviously this isn't going to fly as is. We have a great relationship, I like where I work, but 2 weekends a month is a lot to ask. I was thinking that my basement for taking this schedule change would be a base salary of $125k including the 2 week days off per two week pay period. Working 12 days on, two days off is not happening as soon as my wife is working again. Thoughts? Am I undervaluing my weekend time here?
  9. You are a new grad... just go ahead and drop the locum tenens stuff until you are at least not scared of your own shadow. I say that respectfully. Locums is not a place for new grads. Refinancing with a private company will save you money, and if you intend to pay your loans off in less than 10 years it is probably worth exploring. PSLF is a great plan, assuming an administration with an interest in seeing it work is running it. The issue has been that for 10years no one in the DoE cared about it because there was no one who qualified for forgiveness, so there was no infrastructure, or money to develop infrastructure, in place to make the program work. Then people started submitting for forgiveness and all of the problems arose. Many people weren’t working in the correct type of job, or they had consolidated their loans because their servicers wanted to string them along and that reset their payment count, or their servicers just didn’t keep good records. In theory this is being addressed. I’ve made around 20 payments on all my loans, 85% show 20 payments, 10% show 17 payments and 5% show 15 payments.... I started making payments on all of my loans on the same day... they still don’t have their crap together. Your mileage may vary.
  10. It’s solid for a new grad. Only thing I’d ask is to have the maximum cap removed. It’s asinine to cap your productivity. You would be unlikely to hit it out of school but why should they have an arbitrary maximum value? It incentivizes you to work really hard then throw on the brakes as you approach the cap.
  11. holy vampire thread. This thread has been dead for half a decade and you resurrect it for this? Really? And with your first post?
  12. To be absolutely clear up front I completely agree with this. That being said: do this at a point where you are comfortable being fired, because that is the almost assured end to doing what is appropriate here.
  13. In Florida, New York, Minnesota, Kazakhstan, Djibouti??
  14. Good salary I’m making slightly more than that working 55-60 hour weeks with nearly 2 years experience. Work on the PTO and be sure that major holidays don’t come out of that pool.
  15. No doubt. I was only speaking to that individual situation. That being said I am a proponent of the “ok” and do what I was going to do anyway method of dealing with demands. If do what I can at a pace that I can do it and if that upsets someone and they demand more I say “ok” and keep going about my day as I was before. I agree that the system is broken but I don’t have the insight to offer a solution beyond my world. I heal where I can, help where I can, and facilitate communication where I can. Beyond that I can’t.
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