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  1. You are a new grad... just go ahead and drop the locum tenens stuff until you are at least not scared of your own shadow. I say that respectfully. Locums is not a place for new grads. Refinancing with a private company will save you money, and if you intend to pay your loans off in less than 10 years it is probably worth exploring. PSLF is a great plan, assuming an administration with an interest in seeing it work is running it. The issue has been that for 10years no one in the DoE cared about it because there was no one who qualified for forgiveness, so there was no infrastructure, or money to develop infrastructure, in place to make the program work. Then people started submitting for forgiveness and all of the problems arose. Many people weren’t working in the correct type of job, or they had consolidated their loans because their servicers wanted to string them along and that reset their payment count, or their servicers just didn’t keep good records. In theory this is being addressed. I’ve made around 20 payments on all my loans, 85% show 20 payments, 10% show 17 payments and 5% show 15 payments.... I started making payments on all of my loans on the same day... they still don’t have their crap together. Your mileage may vary.
  2. It’s solid for a new grad. Only thing I’d ask is to have the maximum cap removed. It’s asinine to cap your productivity. You would be unlikely to hit it out of school but why should they have an arbitrary maximum value? It incentivizes you to work really hard then throw on the brakes as you approach the cap.
  3. holy vampire thread. This thread has been dead for half a decade and you resurrect it for this? Really? And with your first post?
  4. To be absolutely clear up front I completely agree with this. That being said: do this at a point where you are comfortable being fired, because that is the almost assured end to doing what is appropriate here.
  5. In Florida, New York, Minnesota, Kazakhstan, Djibouti??
  6. Good salary I’m making slightly more than that working 55-60 hour weeks with nearly 2 years experience. Work on the PTO and be sure that major holidays don’t come out of that pool.
  7. No doubt. I was only speaking to that individual situation. That being said I am a proponent of the “ok” and do what I was going to do anyway method of dealing with demands. If do what I can at a pace that I can do it and if that upsets someone and they demand more I say “ok” and keep going about my day as I was before. I agree that the system is broken but I don’t have the insight to offer a solution beyond my world. I heal where I can, help where I can, and facilitate communication where I can. Beyond that I can’t.
  8. I can’t accurately speak to hospitalist work as I am in general surgery. From my perspective it is admitting, coordinating care between different services, responding to rapid response/codes, and discharge/disposition. If a a hospitalist day is anything like my non-OR surgicalist days it is rounding, conference, discharges, evaluation of morning orders/tests for result, and sporadic admits.
  9. Get to the inpatient world! I see my patient load at my pace. I eat when I get hungry. I talk to colleagues when I need their help. I talk with patients when they need to vent or need to understand. No one rushes me out the door. No patient expecting me to respect “their appointment”. Admits sit in the ER until I can get to them. Discharges sit in their room until I can discharge them. I respond urgently to two groups of people: sick patients and scared nurses... otherwise I move at my pace and have my entire day to get it done. When I am done I go to the OR and assist with zero expectation that I have to be there because I am handling the stuff the surgeons don’t want to be bothered with. Sometimes I even just stand in front of the window and take a couple minutes to talk to no one Hospitalist work is similar without the OR and wound care demands of my job. Find a community hospital, sell your years of UC experience, and then start seeing patients.
  10. That offer is soft. I was offered $105k straight out of school in a significantly lower CoL area with similar PTO, a meaningless bonus, and 100% paid for benefits and a strong match for my 401k and my background is not in radiology That was before any negotiation I passed on it because I didn’t want to live in the city where the offer was at The PTO is nice admittedly, but I imagine they take holidays out of that? If so that is 16 days a year, which isn’t bad, but isn’t great. You have a relevant background in a procedure heavy job that daily exposes you to ionizing radiation in a high CoL region of the country. They need to be doing better than $100k a year. You could get that in an ER or UC without difficulty. I’d counter with $110-115k, if not more
  11. The FCCS course is great for what it’s worth. I don’t work with critical patients often but literally my first day back to the hospital after the course I had the OR prep a room for my surgeon based on a chart review of a patient who I hadn’t seen yet because I knew they were critically ill based on what I had learned the weekend before.
  12. Not a bad gig. Take the 12/hr shift three days a week, pick up a 12hr shift at an urgent care somewhere, clear $120k in your first year out of school with three days a week off.
  13. Right... but then there is getting paid well under market value
  14. It sounds like you are making the practice a ton of money at minimal cost. You have four four years of experience in the field, start quietly putting your resume out there and see what the market is paying. The AAPA report is nice to bring along, but other offers are a stronger bargaining tool I’m a little more than one year out of school in general surgery, in a lower COL area of the country, with better benefits, and we make essentially the same salary. To say you are underpaid is putting it nicely.
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