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New Grad - Offer in Ortho

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Long time listener, first time caller to this forum.


I'm a new grad in the DFW area. I was recently offered a position at a hip/knee replacement center. It's a large center with 7 physicians, 6 other PAs. 

  • Schedule: M-F 8-5 P (mostly pre/post-op. Will serve as back up in OR when another PA calls out). One weekend of call (phone only) every 6-7 weeks. 
  • Salary: $98K with NO bonus
  • 3 year contract
  • PTO: 28 days, includes personal days, vacations, sick days, CME
  • CME allowance: $2000 
  • Malpractice + tail
  • Payment/reimbursement for licensing, credentialing, DEA, $50 cell phone allowance per month
  • Benefits:
    • Medical, dental, vision, life, disability insurance
    • 401K + 6% match after 1 yr service
    • Tuition reimbursement plan

Any feedback on this contract would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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I'd try to reduce the 3 years to 1 or even 18 months and try to get some guaranteed OR time to give you a break from the monotony of pre/post ops. I started working in ortho a year ago after I graduated and see a lot of post-ops, but I also see a lot of follow ups and some new patients as well and have 1.5 days of OR time.

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I wouldn't want to just do pre and post op appointments only right out of school. There's not a lot of thinking involved in that and I feel it would likely get boring.


Other than the 3 year commitment, the offer is solid.

I did this for a half rotation. 2.5 weeks was enough. This office was staffed entirely by NPs. It made me realize that if I ever just wanted a relatively unchallenging 9-5 job to collect a pay check they are out there. Not saying the OPs experience would be the same but that was mine. 

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To the OP, I got the exact same offer like you.I talked to the HR about the 3yr contract, they told me that it was more so they don't have to do a paperwork every year. But it is an at will employment and you have to give them a 60-day notice to quit and I think a 10miles non-compete. Check with your HR.

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