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  1. Thanks everyone. I will put my resume out there and see what happens. I am just hoping the less than one year at a facility doesn't turn them off. Thanks.
  2. Thanks guys. I actually live in Texas in a city where there are soo many orthopedic PA jobs. I can easily get another job without much effort. Except I fear that it maybe the same thing in the new place I go. I am also weary of jumping ship in less than one year. I feel like the outsider. The scrub tech and medical assistants are so rude and talk to me in the most impolite manner, in his presence and he does not say a thing, if anything he will support them. I am trying to stick it out 5 more months (one year experience). But everyday I come to work is a struggle. I love ortho but this is making me hate it. I am salary and is supposed to work 40hrs a week. Of course like most salary jobs you work 60hours for the price of 40. But the weekend call. I am not being compensated. I will not even mind putting in all the extra hours. The big issue is I have no teacher, no respect and get yelled at in addition to the long hours.
  3. So I need advice on what to do. So I am 11 months out of school and landed my first job before I even graduated. Landed my first amazing job in orthopedic surgery before I even graduated. took my boards 10 days later and passed very well. Due to long licensure process in my state, I didn't start working until mid-March. As soon as I started the job all kinds of problems arose. first I was to take call or be "available" for call 2 weekends in a month. This was not in my contract and I respectfully expressed concerns but I met a push back. finally, I gave in and decided to take call unpaid 2 weekends in a month. There was just so much level of unwelcomeness from both surgeons and staff that I dont want to get into. The biggest thing, however, is that the doctor I work with is a monster and an aggressive power hugger. I work in surgery and clinic and he will never let me do any joint injections. (I averaged 6-7 knee injections a day a student on clinical rotations and I have told him this on 3 to 4 occasions.). We do Acls, shoulder scopes, knee scopes, fractures, joint replacement etc. He will never let me put even a simple stitch on a knee scope. the situation is laughable at best. I fear that I am beginning to lose my procedural skills. he just started letting me do cast but its when he is in the semi-good mood. I am like an MA or worse. I feel like I am just there to occupy space. I know I am a new PA in orthopedic surgery but little hands-on tasks like this should be left to a PA. He has never ever taken any time to teach me anything. in some cases when I ask a question, he makes me feel completely stupid. If he is on call and gets a patient at night, he expects me to go see the patent in the morning (of course he won't tell me he admitted a patient, I am supposed to just somehow magically know). And he yells. I work in a very big hospital chain and my clinic is one of its minor affiliates. I am not sure what to do from here and I am beginning to feel useless as a PA. Should I leave or should I stay? I hate to leave a jo less than a year, but I feel I have to do whats best for my career as a PA. Is this normally what I should expect? I am at a cross roads,
  4. Hi, Is anyone going for the PAOS CME conference in Baltimore?, Has anyone been to past conferences, was it worth it?. I am planning to go to the one this August, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. To the OP, I got the exact same offer like you.I talked to the HR about the 3yr contract, they told me that it was more so they don't have to do a paperwork every year. But it is an at will employment and you have to give them a 60-day notice to quit and I think a 10miles non-compete. Check with your HR.
  6. Took my PANCE on Tuesday 1/10/17 and I found out today that I PASSED. I guess the MLK day made it take one more day.
  7. What were your scores in Kaplan and hippo. I used them to study and my exam in on Monday and I am indeed freaking out.
  8. Thanks guys, this is very helpful. My anxiety levels are a little lower.
  9. Hi everyone, I am taking the PANCE in 2 weeks and I am using exammaster, pance master and hippo for review questions. If you passed the PANCE using any of this qbanks, can you please tell me how you scored on these tests. I am scoring 70-80's across the board and I am wondering if that is enough. Thank you!!
  10. Thanks guys for your reply, I was a bit nervous for a while, but I went ahead and applied and I am getting some good interviews.
  11. Hi everyone. I apologise if this question has already been posed. I am a student and graduate in December of this year. I have just started applying for jobs in my home state (different from where my school is located). I am mostly applying through indeed and simply hired. Most of the agencies say I need to wait until after I graduate and get my license before I start applying. Is this typically the case? I have heard of students that get jobs even before graduating. I guess my question is, what is the best place to start when applying for a job while still in school?. Any tips will be very appreciated. Thanks.
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