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  1. Yes, I understand that from a billing perspective. I’ve just never seen any posts about people discussing these types of deductions for a bonus payout. I was just curious if it was common practice. Thank you for the reply
  2. Hello everyone, I work at a rural hospital in orthopedic surgery. I recently met with my employer’s director of clinical operations to discuss my productivity. In my second contract (signed this summer) it states that there will be a bonus of $25 for every wRVU over 2350. Last year as a new graduate I produced somewhere around 4300. During the meeting with the director I was given a statement of practice operations stating my current RVUs, charges, etc with the statement that the “fee modifying deduction” has not yet been added to the RVU total. He states that I will receive 25% of the s
  3. Ive tried to do this same thing at my hospital with no luck. They’ve set up a wRVU bonus in my current contract. Last year I pulled 4300 RVUs. This year they’re saying that I’ll get 25% of the surgeon’s RVUs on any billable cases. And 85% of the RVUs I make from clinic. Anyone else experiencing these kind of RVU deductions from their practices?
  4. Hi All, I am a new graduate and have been offered a position in ortho surgery at a hospital in SW Oklahoma. The offer is as follows: 1 year duration (negotiated down from 3 years) 105k base, plus 2 possible bonuses: one up to 5,000 depending on overall clinic production; and up to "5% base salary for achievement of quality metrics" Relocation up to 6k, sign-on bonus 4k Loan repayment assistance 10k to be paid over agreement term 3 days CME (unable to negotiate) and $2500 Clinic call only licensing and malpractice paid; full benefits, 26 days PTO I
  5. I'm a second year PA student at OU (graduation is Dec 1 this year) and seriously considering ortho... Think they're probably not hiring that far out?
  6. I think I can set the page to private, but I wanted to make sure everyone got in first. Plus I have no idea who to "approve"! Lol
  7. To make a group it was having me invite the people who I wanted to be in.... But I don't know any of your names haha
  8. Alright guys, I made a FB page titled "OU-Okc PA Class of 2017". Everyone should be able to search it and post in it!
  9. Does anyone want me to make a Facebook group for the class of 2017? I think it would be awesome to get to know you guys before class starts up :)
  10. [First Time Applicant] Undergrad: BS in Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management at University of Central Oklahoma; Minor in Biology (graduating in May 2015) Undergrad GPA: 3.6 Science GPA: 3.2 Age at time of application: 22, interview at 23 GRE: Verbal 147 Quantitative 150 Writing 4.0 [only took it once without studying] Patient care hours: ~100 hrs Physical Therapy Technician ~70 hrs Medical Assistant in a Gastroenterology office 5 mins of CPR (o_o) Community service/Volunteer hours: ~300 hours in the ER Volunteer for USA paralympic volleyball team Countle
  11. We should be getting an info packet via email in the next few weeks! Yay class of 2017!
  12. I called the admissions office earlier today and left a message. Nothing back so far!
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