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Questions concerning LOR's and GPA calculation!

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Hello all, I'm planning to apply for 2016-2017 cycle.


Just wondering:


1) Is there a way for me to calculate my CASPA GPA ahead of time before registering/using the CASPA website? I've seen the CASPA GPA site calculation and it is a bit confusing to me. Does anyone know a simpler explanation of how I can calculate? I have a bit of a low GPA and just want to be sure I am hitting the program minimums.


I have a 4 yr university bachelors GPA, and have taken/retaken some prerequisites at a city college. How would I calculate my GPA including the grades from both of these colleges to get a single cumulative GPA and science GPA?


2) As for Letter of Recommendations, are there certain components/prompts for what the author of the LOR must include in the LOR? I've been looking at PA program websites and don't seem to find any "prompts," but just the amount of LOR's required. 


If there are no guidelines whatsoever, are there any recommendations anyone has on what kind of things I should request in a LOR?

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1) Make a list of all the classes you've taken (cum and science) and make a separate list of all the science classes you've taken. List out the grade you got in each class, then use the information provided by CASPA on their website to calculate your gpa's. I know it's a pain but it's the only way to really know what your GPA is. And your community college and university grades will all be calculated together, not separate.


2) I too will be applying in the upcoming cycle and I'm not aware of a specific prompt for LORs. I plan on giving my references my transcripts, my work hours/duties a copy of my personal statement and a list of topics for them to think about when writing the letter (ex. for my academic reference to say if she thinks I can complete a rigorous science curriculum, my nurse manager to talk about my patient care, etc)



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I'm not sure how the LOR is done currently, but when I applied in 2014 I believe there were a few questions for the letter writer that they answered on a scale 1-5 or something and then there was a place for an open response (with a word limit) that was a generic type prompt about how do you know this person/why would they be a good PA/do you recommend them.  


Don't over think it.  The only role you have, aside from asking your letter writers, is to input their email/info into CASPA and then CASPA connects with them and gives them instructions on what to do/write.  It's not some ground breaking, abstract reference.  Just your normal letter of recommendation.

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