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I am an SDA with a slightly less than average GPA

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I'd like to apply to LLU's PA program but there are a few things I'm missing however here are my stats I have to work with:

-I recently graduated in June from CSU San Bernardino

-I have a 3.1 Overall GPA

-I have a 2.9 Science GPA which I will be taking 2 Behavioral science (Psych) courses and 1 Nutrition to raise my GPA

-I was born and raised SDA

-I have 2,838 community service volunteer hours (2001-2011)

-My pre-req GPA has nothing lower than a B

-Within those hours, I have shadowed an Orthopedic PA for 40 hrs


However, I do not have any sufficient HCE. I am starting the Phlebotomy program in which I would like to work as a life insurance Phlebotomists (draw blood, check vitals, run urinalysis tests, etc...). Also, I have recently begun volunteering as a Clinical Care Extender for Riverside Community Hospital which is "hands on" experience however, I know 2000 is the minimum to even be looked upon. Is there anything I can do to strengthen my chances?

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