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  1. I'd like to apply to LLU's PA program but there are a few things I'm missing however here are my stats I have to work with: -I recently graduated in June from CSU San Bernardino -I have a 3.1 Overall GPA -I have a 2.9 Science GPA which I will be taking 2 Behavioral science (Psych) courses and 1 Nutrition to raise my GPA -I was born and raised SDA -I have 2,838 community service volunteer hours (2001-2011) -My pre-req GPA has nothing lower than a B -Within those hours, I have shadowed an Orthopedic PA for 40 hrs However, I do not have any sufficient HCE. I am starting the Phlebotomy program in which I would like to work as a life insurance Phlebotomists (draw blood, check vitals, run urinalysis tests, etc...). Also, I have recently begun volunteering as a Clinical Care Extender for Riverside Community Hospital which is "hands on" experience however, I know 2000 is the minimum to even be looked upon. Is there anything I can do to strengthen my chances?
  2. I don't necessarily have much of any HCE, just shadowing a PA but I have almost 3000 hours of community service from 2001-2011 and I can honestly say I feel incredibly confident about my personal statement (after rewriting it 5 times and having 8 professors along with 1 Princeton student review it).
  3. Well that solves that, must have skimmed past it, thanks
  4. Yeah I don't wanna sound stupid, but I didn't know Behavioral Sciences counted as part of your science GPA, I thought your direct sciences only counted, A&P's/Micro/Chem/Physics, etc... When I talked to Western they said some of my earlier college level Psych's and Child development classes that I received C's in helped lower my Science GPA which they suggested retaking those courses.
  5. I just wanted to know if the Stanford "hands on" Health care experience needs to be paid or volunteer?
  6. I just wanted to know if the "hands on" health care experience needed to be paid or can it be volunteer?
  7. Yes, I just applied back in September and I got my degree from CSU San Bernardino but Im from Redlands and I took it Crafton Hills College with a great teacher however it is his last semester as he is now the Chair of the Bio dept at Citrus College
  8. This is my first time applying to Western for their PA program to which I currently have Overall: 3.1 Science: 2.93 Pre-requisite: 3.53 Community Service: 2,838 hours (From 2001-2011) I am currently re-taking Microbiology (received a C at my University for the first time) at a J.C. which ends in 2 weeks and I will be finishing out with an A which would bring my Pre-req GPA to a 3.73 yet I'm not sure how it would affect my overall and science GPA's. I obviously need to work on my science GPA but is there anything else I can do to become a stronger, serious candidate? I have faith I can get in maybe, if not this cycle, then the next which I plan on taking a few psych classes to build my science GPA. Also as a side note, within the 2,838 hours I've also shadowed an Orthopedic PA if that helps for about 40 hours.
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