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If I Were Elected US Dictator I Would -

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1) Require all health insurance companies to get a prior authorization BEFORE they could collect their monthly payments from their subscribers.


2) Make all phone calls, prior auths and other meaningless work mandated insurance companies to be a billable service at $200/ hour.


3) Place insurance companies on a performance pay scale. If 90% of their subscribers were not totally satisfied with their service from the health insurance company, then the company gets NO premium payments that month.


4) Allow providers, who have no business training, to mandate all of the business decisions for the health insurance companies. 


5) Cut premium payments to insurance companies by 20% per year, for no reason.


6) Like pharmaceuticals are forced to list all of their potential ARs when they do an ad, when a health insurance company runs an ad, they must list and have a narrator describe all the people who died or suffered while waiting on insurance company approval for a particular treatment.

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JMJ - I feel your pain. Some days……. it is hard not to reach through the phone and throttle people.


Please add educational requirement for anyone who answers the phone at an insurance company to be above a GED and eradicate ALL algorithms that they flip through making uneducated decisions.


And, anytime someone with a frankly torn rotator cuff is required to go through six weeks of PT first before the MRI - please have someone from the insurance company go live with them to help them AND do all the same exercises at PT AND pay their copays.

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Ah, mine's simpler than that.  I'd base income taxes, corporate and personal, on industry:

* Entities which manufacture real goods (cars, new houses, recreational beverages, etc.) pay the lowest taxes.

* Entities which solely move money for profit (banks, insurance, Lawyers, etc.) pay the highest taxes per unit of income.

* Everyone else--creative professionals, service industry, entertainers, telephone sanitizers--go somewhere in the middle.


That's as likely to happen as me spontaneously be chosen dictator for life.


Failing that, I think JMJ's list is a pretty good start.

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I'm a dick when I get angry. I just kept hammering at her:

-if this was your family member, it would be unacceptable.

-you contribute to the suffering of others

-you're an impediment to care, and I'm going to go over, around, or through you

-I know what the NIH back injury guidelines say. You are countermanding them. Quoting them and then going against them speaks of either incompetence or maliciousness. Which are you?

-just doing your job? Do you know who LT William Calley was? That's a poor excuse to use when you harm others.


Apparently they're not allowed to hang up unless you get profane.

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One of my docs wrote a real live letter to the medical director of a local HMO.


He said in the letter - "as you are expressing more knowledge of how to care for a patient you have never met, I will now sign off on his healthcare to you as his new PCP. Obviously, you are capable of making the best decisions on what medications are acceptable and will be able to take full responsibility for the patient outcome, complications, risks and even death. You will receive his medical records in a timely fashion after all release forms have been completed. Please let me know if you have any questions."


There was no formal response, but, suddenly, the patient had coverage for all requested authorizations.


If only I had the time and energy to do this for every patient being screwed by their so called insurance.

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