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lawyer applying? law school - juris doctorate

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Yeah maybe.


Many years ago, my wife and I went to a seminar for people who were interested in changing careers. While no one career field held a majority, there were more lawyers than anyone else.


When I ask one of them why, she told me it was because it was an adversarial career from beginning to end, even among lawyers in the same firm. Apparently that wore thin on some lawyers after a time.

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I do have a J.D. (WVU College of Law 14') 


Seeing if anyone on the forum had both a clinical and legal background. If so, I was hoping to collaborate about backgrounds, experiences, interests, and goals. 


There is a JD/PA working on the legal side that posts on the AAPA Huddle forum.  You will have to join and I'm not entirely sure that pre-PAs will get access.

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