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  1. I wrote something that described my personality and how it's changed/evolved. I know it's a very short space but try to encapsulate yourself as well as you can.
  2. Eh. It's honestly what you prefer. In the end scheme of things, pick a career that you will be happy with. If you think PA will do it then go for it! If you think med school then that's a good choice too. Medical training was just too long for me. I don't care about it that much to go. It seemed more like a chore to go the med school route. It's incredibly expensive and seemed like such a taxing experience. PA was the diamond in the rough career that was way better than both med and nursing in my opinion. Don't do what others tell you. Do what YOU think it's best.
  3. Why would you report this if it was turned over? The school recognized your case and changed their decision. You were in the right and I don't think you are in the wrong for saying no.
  4. I liked your experiences but I think you need to tie in why PA more than you did. It is the central theme but I think you have great experiences.
  5. This post reminded me when I was trying to pick my career so I started shadowing a couple critical care PAs. We were in the burn ICU and they were getting ready to put in a central line through the femoral site. The patient kept jerking her leg up and once the site went in my ears were ringing, felt lightheaded, had to sit down. It was awful and so embarrassing. Luckily, I was met with encouragement and I got past that vaso vagal feelings after shadowing a bunch more.
  6. If you're trying to be better with money then why would deciding between those schools even be a question of concern? Cal state hands down. Going by your math. 60k for APU and 30 k for Cal state. Plus you can work as a LVM for either choice right?
  7. Most schools have 3.0 cut offs. Avoid those
  8. https://m.youtube.com/user/4yourCNA
  9. Wow. What a jerk. I had great shadowing opportunities. Definitely just move on to the next one and forget this person. To be honest. The first time I shadowed was in critical care. I witnessed this gnarly central line placement on this horribly burned victum. Literally vaso vaged and passed out. The PA helped me so much and encouraged me that it happens to everyone the first time their exposed to this. She also answered all of my questions and was really encouraging. Point is, these people exist. Just find a better/friendlier PA.
  10. Sure I think if you apply to low with lower end HCE then you will be fine. Shadow PA make sure you like what you see.
  11. Depends on your schools of choice. Apply to those with low hce reqs
  12. Holy moly! 30+! I applied to 9 and I was over it lol. I think the advice given is good for you. Really narrow down your list and focus on the best fit schools. 30 is wayy too expensive! My wallet hurts just thinking about it lol.
  13. A 2000 CNA course is 100% not worth it. Which state do you live in? My state allows people to "challenge" the CNA course which just involved learning basic nursing skills from youtube (search for 4yourcna) and applying for a license through prometric. I learned the skills, registered to take the exam at a testing center and got licensed in one day. Super easy. I found a job in a hospital. I would look for "teaching" hospitals around the area because they get a lot of nursing students who work as techs and leave the tech positions frequently to become RNs. 2000 is not worth it. CNA work is not in any remote sense difficult to learn and it's very much on the job training. Phleb is good too but its less contact with patients. Best of luck.
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