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Found 7 results

  1. Started working at a men's hormone clinic...yup TRT. I love the job, very low stress compared to my orthopedic days. We have 2 clinics, I oversee mine. The other is overseen by an NP. Colorado law states NPs cannot distribute medications for patients to take with them. That can only be done by MDs or PAs. So the owners have asked me to sign off on the charts at the other clinic when the patient takes his shots with him to administer at home. I am very wary of this. I have never physically seen these patients. I have no say in how they are managed and I am not notified if there are
  2. I recently helped to open a start up wellness clinic. I am the Medical Director of this new location, but not the entire franchise. An online magazine came and did a very brief interview with all of the staff. It was poorly written, and I'm fairly sure I did not say the quote they attributed to me. Besides that, my biggest concern is that they called me Doctor Lucas. I never introduced myself as such and neither did any of my staff. Do I need to reach out to the magazine and have them correct/redact? Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Hello, I'm writing a post that I was hoping I wouldn't have to write, but I am here seeking advice. I understand there are strong opinions about the topic, but I hope that those who choose to reply will do so because of a desire to help. I am currently a first year PA student, and about six months before starting my program I made a terrible decision and was subsequently charged with a DUI; it appears now that the charge will become a conviction (I hired a lawyer in the hopes of having the charge reduced, though I was completely willing to submit to the same punishments as a DUI if the D
  4. I know I've read plenty on here about contracts and what to look for and what needs to be negotiated for - so useful! But I haven't seen this question come up...... I am 100% for having a lawyer go through my contract and find anything bad after I review it. How did you find your lawyer that specifically deals with this thing? What do I need to look for - a specific type of office or title or anything? Certain credentials? I haven't gotten a written offer yet - but I want to be prepared for that important step before signing! ;) Thanks!
  5. A patient comes into your UC center with a head wound that seems to your front desk staff to be disoriented. You are in with patients, and have 5+ waiting. Your front office staff says that they think they might be better served by going to the ED which is less than a mile away. This is a new patient, and clearly has a bleeding head wound and cannot answer if they had any LOC or not. Your office staff is NOT medical. You have not seen the patient. Pt calls a week later and is angry because "you should have seen me. They did a terrible job sewing my head up at the hospital" The
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