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I did Master diploma in PA outside the USA. I want to do job in USA

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thank you for replying me sir

I got in India sir.

Post graduate diploma in Physician assistant in 2010. I was worked as physician assistant for 2 years . now I have been working as a Surgeon assistant since 2012. now I want to do job outside India.

if it's not valid in USA. please guide me sir .

would you help me please sir.

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Sorry my friend but this information is not hard to find, and is fairly clear: https://www.aapa.org/become-a-pa/


To practice in the United States as a PA, you must have graduated from a US program that is properly accredited, you must pass the PANCE exam, and you must obtain a license in the state where you will practice.


As Rev said in the other thread, if you attended a program in another country and if that program led you to believe that it would allow you to practice here, then it is possible they were being dishonest.

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I recommend that you have your transcripts/diploma evaluated by one of the many organizations, agencies, or institutions:


World Educational Services (WES)

You can do a search and find others. The programs most likely will want you to do this as part of the application process. It will also correlate your PA training to current training here in the U.S.Then it is up to the program what they will or will not accept.

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