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Best Free CME resources

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I'm a new grad waiting to get credentialing done before I start working as a PA - would like to use this time to start getting some CME credits. 


What are the best free resources for obtaining CME credit? - I'll be working as a Hospitalist PA so anything that you think would be beneficial for this field would be great too. 

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Medscape is reasonable free CME... it's sponsored content, so some of it is subtly biased towards new, still-under-patent medications.


If you have any student journal subscriptions that you haven't had to re-up at the professional rate, see if they offer journal-reading Cat 1 CME, and see if you can get it for back issue articles, now that you can actually USE it.


I get paid for Cat 2 CME, when I teach EMT initial courses or OTEP, I always have tons of it.


Good luck!  I heartily endorse keeping in the game while you wait.

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