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South University Tampa Jan 2016 Start

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Hi Fleur, I submitted my CASPA on the 13th.


cGPA: 3.66 (undergrad), cGPA: 3.86 (grad), sGPA: 3.85

GRE: Horrible (cumulative 295) *never took Written sect.

Healthcare: 2100 med assistnt, 200 volunteer hours in ED assisting nurses and checking on patients.


Your stats are impressive, esp. GRE!

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Hey guys! My application was just verified today!


cGPA: 3.64 sGPA: 4.0

Q GRE 155 V GRE 157 Writing: not sure yet (just took the test today)

Healthcare: 1,400 hours as a Patient Care Tech in a hospital

Volunteer: 120 hrs in a hospital, 200 hours (non medical) in an orphanage in Korea


Good luck everyone! 

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I was just verified today!


cGPA: 3.33 sGPA: 3.38 BCP: 3.48

GRE: Q-157 V-159 writing-4.0

Healthcare: about 4,000 hours as a medic in the Army including a deployment as a line medic.  Also,  another year and a half working on the administrative side in a hospital.

About 60 hours of volunteering

LORs from a doctor and PA I worked with in the Army and a professor I had for 2 semesters


Good luck to all!

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Hello! I got a phone call followed by an email on the interview date. I submitted early May and my app was verified in like 2 weeks I believe. My interview date is July 16th. Anyone else on the same day? :) 


Q GRE 150, V GRE 150, W GRE 4.0 (ouch)

cGPA ~3.7, sGPA 3.57

HCE: 1500+ EMT, ~600 as MA/Scribe

Volunteer: ER/trauma 1 yr., several health care clinics for 2 yrs, PA club, 5 yrs. church and medical missions triage lead.

Research: 80 hrs (yep found out that this was def not for me..)

Shadowing: ~80 hours 

5 LORs (MD, PA, NP, EMT Boss and Ochem Prof.)

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Hey for those of you that have interviews coming up soon. Have you received an email about an article that needs to be read prior to the interview? If so, when is your interview and when did you get the email? 


A friend of mine has hers on the 7th and got an email on Monday, I have mine on the 9th and still have not received an email so I am just concerned. I tried calling the school but since it is a holiday today I don't think I'll hear back until a few days before the interview. 

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I spoke to Kim the other day and she said the interview process is going to be different than the last few years, so there may not be an article to read anymore. But, I'm not 100% sure, she did not give details.




Thanks @Bdunnam. I was just worried since my friend's interview is on the 7th and she got an article. But I suppose maybe the interview setups are different depending on the day. When is your interview date?

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If your friend got an article for this application cycle, then there probably is one. I don't have an interview date (hopefully, yet!) I just submitted my CASPA application Sunday. But, I have interviewed the past two years. I was waitlisted the first year and declined the second :( hopefully, 3rd times a charm! :) I don't want to go to any other school.

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Once you have confirmed that you're coming through the email she sent that's it, unless there is an article to read before hand and that will come a week or so before the interview. Good luck to you! We should start hearing back soon from those who interviewed first if they got accepted.

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