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  1. Hello, I'm currently halfway through my first year in PA school in Georgia. I would love to have a clinical rotation back home in South Florida or maybe in Orlando Fl. I was advised to look for a Peds or Women's Health. I'd also be interested in Derm/Primary/ENT. (Derm and ENT being a possible elective rotation. I'm open to any other elective rotations too! Thank You
  2. Just got an interview invite, I'll be turning it down tho. Heads up guys! :)
  3. I just had my interview. They told me that they are going to interview more students and everyone should know about acceptance around the same time in September and October.
  4. Search it under groups, I couldn't find it at first either.
  5. Congrats to both of you! Look forward to meeting our future class.
  6. I haven't received mines either. I was told we'd get it Monday or Tuesday, so hopefully sometime this afternoon.
  7. For those that received an interview, did Kim send an email to confirm that she received your confirmation for the interview date? I sent her an email to confirm almost a week ago but I haven't gotten anything in return.
  8. Thank you everyone :) good luck to you guys too!
  9. Just got the acceptance call!!!!!!! Beyond excited :D
  10. I think it went pretty well. It was very laid back so my jitters went away after the first interview. It felt like I was having a normal conversation really. They also said that we will probably hear back in two weeks!
  11. I just got called to interview for the 23rd :D how long did it take to receive the email after the call?
  12. So far I've only heard of the July 1st and July 8th interview.
  13. Haven't heard anything. Looks like last years thread didn't hear about interview invites till July.
  14. Oops I mean June 30th :3 Sure thing, I'm 21 Graduated two months ago in B.S biology Overall GPA: 3.69 science GPA: 3.61 (according to CASPA) A little over 2000 hours volunteering as a vital sign taker 50 hours volunteering in testing glucose/cholesterol levels at a clinic 300 hours volunteering at a hospital 6 hours volunteer as a Spanish translator at a health fair 150 hours shadowing 300 and counting hours as a medical assistant GRE: verbal 149 Q: 155 writing 3.5 Uhhh I think that's about it.
  15. Does anyone know which address we send new transcripts? I applied to the one in St.Petersburg.
  16. I got my intreview invite yesterday as well :) June 20th is the information seminar and July 1st is the interview. I was vertified on the May 27th I believe.
  17. Did anyone actually get a letter saying they were in the accept/hold list? From what I'm reading, it sounds like the "alternate candidate" letter is the only one people are receiving.
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