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  1. The enthusiasm is great and all... but seriously, you will study enough in school. Enjoy life beforehand.
  2. I also took Genetics at UCF (in class) w/o the lab. Definitely confirm with the program though.
  3. I agree w/ MT2PA. If you are a weak applicant you can apply to 20 schools and not get in. Make sure everything is in order on your application to get an interview. How many schools can you realistically see yourself going to? Check out their PANCE scores, faculty members, length of program, cost, etc? I think 14-20 is excessive and expensive. Try to narrow it down to 10 or less. If and when you interview at these schools you can compare programs. You might find that some are not a good fit for you.
  4. There are a ton of resources online to answer any and every question you have. First and foremost I would shadow a PA. Find a couple in different fields to get an idea if this is something you want to pursue. They will have a lot of good info for you as well. It's a good idea to do this as soon as possible in my opinion. Your first year (or two) of undergrad will most likely be general classes. So figuring out if this is the right path for you before then is the smart way to go. If it is then continue on. If not, you can change it up without it affecting you to much. Look at a few PA program websites that you might be interested in after undergrad and see what the requirements are. This will set the course for your undergrad. Maybe a health sciences bachelor will cover most of the prerequisites from the PA program's, or maybe a bachelor in biology will. As for hce, there are a lot of options. EMT, scribe, er tech, yada yada. Again, look at those programs you are interested in and see what they recommend and what they might exclude. Most say "hands on" but then list the exact positions they accept as hce. Volunteering is a good way to get your foot in the door at a hospital or clinic. Good luck to you!
  5. Every school is different in how they view GRE scores. If I remember correctly most schools want above a 300. Some have a requirement on the writing, such as above a 3.5. I was told that a 310 or above looks better. Honestly though, if you think about it, the GRE is just another hoop to jump through and really doesn't mean that much in the scheme of things. The fact that you are taking the prerequisites and earning a bachelor degree proves that you are somewhat competent. Don't worry too much about those early bad grades. Kick ass down the stretch and do well in the prerequisite courses. Shadow PA's. Volunteer. Get your foot in the door with a job that is medically related. This will show that you are serious about entering a program and is much more meaningful than a GRE score.
  6. Congrats Jdizz!!! You deserve it and will make a great PA!
  7. Yes, I just received it in the mail today. And for my interview there was an essay, group interview and then individual interview. Very similar to Ft. Myers xomelanie. I guess they might not be doing the group interview every session though. Has anyone received an email from NOVA saying to login to WebStar to see what documents you are missing, etc? I can't seem to login.
  8. Let's see... nothing in the mail as of yet. It was Renee that called. I interviewed on September 14th and received a call on the 22nd, so about a week. I stayed at the Best Western on 884? and it was close enough, not too expensive. There are some hotels closer to the school, one within walking distance that one of the interviewers stayed at. It just depends how much you want to spend I guess. Check out Cafe Napoli and Reuben's BBQ for places to eat. Good luck!
  9. I haven't interviewed at upstate but have had some interviews with this format. Just be very sure of the basic pa interview questions. Trust me, it's not good to wing these. I did in my first interview and ended up straying way off course, haha, it was a good learning experience. Make bullet points of key highlights that you want to get across and practice these over and over. Have a firm grasp of your morals and how you would act if put into certain ethical dilemmas. There may be multiple right answers but you don't want to throw up any red flags, so try not to go off on a rant if you feel strongly about a subject. Most of all, you want to become a pa, start acting like one, and think about how you would handle certain situations as if you are a pa. The MMI format is meant to throw you off your game. Just stay calm, think before you speak, and you'll do great. Remember, this is not a competition between you and the other interviewers, be genuine and show them the amazing person that you are. Good luck!
  10. They said we should know about 3 weeks after the interview and they are only giving out acceptances or rejections, no waitlists at this time.
  11. Wow those time slots filled up fast, I'm out in November land, great job guys!
  12. Yes, an MD reference is required. They will give you a sheet with items that you are missing at the interview, so it doesn't necessarily have to be turned in before. Also, the doctor can mail them the letter or enter it in through CASPA.
  13. Personal info was name, address, phone, dob, and email (I think that's it). You have to pick your interview date from the slots available. Courtesy call could be to let you know that they received all of your applications or it could mean that they are missing some items. I'd give her a call back and leave a message that if anything is missing she can call you.
  14. I'm pretty sure they had interviews last week but not sure about this one coming up. My guess is that people will start hearing back within the next couple of weeks. South in Georgia has already started accepting so Tampa shouldn't be far behind.
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