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  1. Interviewed 08/26. Waitlisted 2 weeks after. Acceptance email received on 10/07/2015. I am attending PITT.
  2. I havent heard back its two months now. I think nathanebaker is right. If you are accepted you will hear back soon but if not you wont hear back until interviews are complete. I havent heard anyone getting rejected so I believe I am rejected since its too long
  3. I am thinking about applying to Emory. You think it's too late?
  4. I interviewed July 24th and Havent heard back. I am being patient and hoping for best as South is my top choice.
  5. Interviewed 07/24 and havent heard yet! Anyone heard back from July24th interview?
  6. @Deepee, when did you interview? I interviewed at Upitts yesterday!
  7. They have interviews every Tuesday and Thursday until September this started in july
  8. I interviewed July 24th and havent heard back. Anyone hear back from July 24th?
  9. I interviewed on 08/04, did anyone get immediate acceptance from any of the interview dates?
  10. Ok, I am not trying to be rude or anything but I interviewed at south university tampa on -7/24. For all of you who are asking what to expect? here is the answer- this is very unique and its designed in a way that you cant really prepare for. All you can do is give or do the best of your abilities. They really want to know your opinion or what you think on certain topics. It was fun!!!!!!!! FUNNNNNNNN
  11. Any one can suggest how was the article based question? Dont wanna know exact wording but just an insight and how was overall interview experience?
  12. Can anyone tell me how was the article based question? Just an insight, don't want to know what they were!
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