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  1. I believe we were emailed a link. I would email Ms. Hahn so she can send it.
  2. Congrats on your acceptance! There is a Facebook group. I believe I received an email to join, but it may be handled differently from the waitlist. If you have not yet received an email, search "SUPA18" on Facebook and request to join the group. If that does not work, I'd email Ms. Hahn requesting the link. Congrats once again on acceptance! Definitely take advantage of the FB group and review previous posts. The current students are so helpful answering questions and offering advice.
  3. I second that @HNguyen17. A tip for professional dress in hot weather is to wear natural fabrics such as cotton or wool blend in a suit. That will be breathable and keep you cooler than polyester. Best of luck and enjoy the interview. Everyone is very inviting :-)
  4. @paoneday222 The interview is very relaxed and the faculty are very inviting. The program does a great job of presenting info about the technology they utilize and all facets of the program. As for the test, you do not need to prepare for it. The material should be review. I heard it does not impact the admission decision, but just shows "where you're at" with basic sciences. Best of luck! @PAofPA I received the acceptance call Aug 4 in the evening and have not received any email or paper mail follow up yet. Congrats to those accepted!
  5. @gator11 I interviewed in July and was accepted. The faculty and staff are very warm and inviting so there's nothing to worry about. I won't disclose any of the process because that would be unfair to those who were not able to prepare, but just be able to talk about yourself as an applicant and remember the process is as much about getting to know if the program is a good fit for you. Get to know the faculty and enjoy your time with the fellow applicants who may be your classmates. Best of luck!
  6. I interviewed yesterday and just received an acceptance call from the program director! Best luck to all waiting to hear and yet to interview!
  7. Does anyone know if South has patient care simulators?
  8. SGS, I'm not sure the group is searchable. Maybe you have to change the settings so people can find it?
  9. @patobe123 I think that even with a warning sanction South maintains the regional accreditation so that criteria will be met at the time of the ARC review in Septmeber... As far as I understand. So the question would come in December. I am not sure what happens if they would lose their regional accreditation at that time.
  10. The following link shows the sanction letter: http://www.sacscoc.org/2014decemberActionsandDisclosureStatements/SouthUniversityBDG.pdf
  11. I researched accreditation statuses, and while the PA program has continued accreditation through ARC-PA, the general university accreditation through SACS is under a sanction and placed on "Warning" status. In addition, the PA program is up for review in September (by ARC). These accreditation statuses are concerning, but I do not understand their implications fully. Is anyone aware of these statuses and their potential implications for a student about to enroll? If the university does not meet standards and reverse the Warning status, could the university and program be shut down?
  12. I have an interview set for July 23.
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