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  1. Hey folks! There's a public FB group for the accepted class of 2019: https://www.facebook.com/groups/497214253786648/ Congrats to those of you who made it! For those waitlisted, dont lose hope!!! :)
  2. I revoked my spot here. Best of luck to the rest of you guys--it def. seems like a wonderful program! :)
  3. Just declined my interview. Best of luck to other applicants! :)
  4. Just sayin'... Ryan is awesome! What a friendly class! Thanks for setting up the mixer tonight! I learned a lot! :)
  5. SAM!!! I was in your interview group--ITS ORIESA! I got in too! I got a call from Dr. Lohenry on Tuesday and I'm so stocked... and all I did was start yelling at the top of my lungs. AHHH!!!!
  6. Hello! Just curious--what made you guys want to go into the program? I'm having a hard time deciding between this program and another? Help! :( I live in California.. still have a lot of other interviews waiting for me, got an acceptance to another school and I'm kind of just REALLY unsure right now.
  7. Got an interview invite as well - might decline as I received an acceptance from another program!
  8. Interview invitation - going for Oct. 9th--anyone?! :D So I'm rather confused.. is the candidate invite day a pre-screening for possible interviews or is it the actual interview? And are we choosing a date FOR the interview OR the candidate invite day? Help! :o Submitted ~ late May. B.S. Physio/Neuroscience GPA ~ 3.56, sGPA similar HCE Volunteering ~ 400 (Medical missions to Mexico, ER volunteer, diabetes clinic volunteer, CCE internship, free medical drug clinic volunteer) General volunteering outside of HCE with church groups. HCE Paid ~ 2000-2500 of EMT + MA/Scribe orthopedics Shadowing hours ~ 80 of PAs, and ~10 hours MD & NP Letter of rec from MD, PA, NP, EMT boss and Ochem Prof.
  9. Declined my interview, best of luck to other applicants! :)
  10. I submitted late May and was verified 2-3 months after (ish?)
  11. Got an interview invite today - still deciding whether I want to go or not. I'm all the way in Cali and thinking it might be a bit of a stretch to relocate to the east coast. Oh boy..
  12. I'm from San Diego as well! Got an interview invite a couple days agooo~ I cant wait! :)
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