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Do Any Jobs Like This Exist?

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alaska. beacon occupational health services. they cover all the sites on the north slope and the aleutians.

also medcor yellowstone. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. or all season.

According to the Medcor Yellowstone website, it's 40 hours per week M-F.


Unless that's just seasonal?

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anything is possible if you negotiate for it. but if I were an employer Im not sure how I would feel about a clinician working 30 days straight. does that increase medical errors ? also continuity of care. but I am sure positions like this are around !

I would surmise one would still work 40-60 hr. weeks during the "month on". Even more if inclined, and still have a day or two off. Isn't that what these employers do to residents anyway? It should come out to be like working part-time, year round. I would think that if one had everything payed off, that would be a very livable salary.


The payoff is 30 days of total freedom. Although that may feel like having to come back from summer vacation 6x per year. Yikes. The ups and downs...



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