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  1. yes the contract said the employer provide malpractice insurnace ,
  2. Hi everyone, I need advice , I am working for a urgent care group in Delaware over a year , I started in july 2015 last year and worked full time more then a year now , my problem is that the malpractice insurance coverge ends 1 month back and I did not check it until a month after it expired , i call the office manger and she said she will call the malpractice insurance provider and let me know . I am worried this gap can effect my liscense in future . please advice . thanks
  3. Kentucky is not a good state for practice or jobs . I worked here and its like working medical assistant ..I am leaving soon .....
  4. Hi Guy I recently got offer from Kansas . I don;t have much idea about Kansas PA scope of practice and salary and job market . I wanted to have as much input from you guys so that it help me to decide . I am currently working in Kentucky which is not a PA friendly state . Kentucky is one the only two states where PA cannot right control 2 prescription . any input will greatly appreciated .
  5. Hi Fellows I need advice for Iphone apps , which can help in ER . Thanks Jay
  6. Get a job first in FP , ED or UC and then look around to find what you want ..any one jobless for more then six month is not good.....dermatology is very hard to get if you don't have surgery or cannot do minor procedures , try these specially also ..
  7. we did researched and published it its about PA laws in all states. Kentucky score low in most of them ... why u left Kentucky if it is a great state... I signed contract before I graduate in Local ER in Eastern Kentucky .
  8. schedule 2 ? then Y 60% of New Grad PA leave the state ..?
  9. yes KY is the most restrictive states in country for PA laws . This year they finally eliminate 18 month rule to allow New grads PA to work without SP onsite for 18 months before the can work without SP . But this does not change much as 70% Patient in KY are on some form of controlled medication and PA cannot prescribe controlled prescription at all in KY the other state is Florida which also does not allow PA to write controlled prescription ....
  10. Their are 15K unmatched FMGs in last year match ..they are adding 1000 FMGs in this pool every year , mostly concentrated in North east ...if residency spots remain same ..y the ECFMG is letting anyone or everyone pay 3K fee and take exam USMLE any where and any time in the world ...This is market economy pay fee and get certificate degree , license and .....they should only allow as many student to take exam as many residency spots ..but that make business less profitable ...profits...
  11. I just got PANCE results passed with flying colors first attempt ....study with Emory PANCE/PANRE DVD 2013-2016 edition ..its great resource anybody wanted to buy email me . now reduced ..price 100 dollars . or best offer . email ; scmd2008@gmail.com
  12. wait few more weeks keep looking till you find few more offers then compare and negotiate ....until say I am thinking !
  13. Dr Primadonna congrats to you for great achievement .
  14. ventana, I agree with you partly ..but being in Military and now reserve, I am certain that they ran out of option now ..only to hire more providers. and sooner or later we will see ...hiring more providers (PAs)....
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