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  1. yes the contract said the employer provide malpractice insurnace ,
  2. Hi everyone, I need advice , I am working for a urgent care group in Delaware over a year , I started in july 2015 last year and worked full time more then a year now , my problem is that the malpractice insurance coverge ends 1 month back and I did not check it until a month after it expired , i call the office manger and she said she will call the malpractice insurance provider and let me know . I am worried this gap can effect my liscense in future . please advice . thanks
  3. Hi my name is jay I am interviewing at WSU PA program on 01/09/2012 please I need our input about interview what they ask what they look into candidate etc I will be very thankful to you I am US Army Medic and have lot of health care experience ....thanks

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