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  1. does he take 5mm margins on the primary EXC of all clinically atypical pigmented lesions?
  2. Sounds like a great deal. Interesting schedule. Wish I could do "shift work" hours in derm. 8-5 grind gets tiring.
  3. Can you move further north? Lots of Derm PA opps once you break out of the PBC-Dade red zone. It's cutthroat down there.
  4. I know this sub-topic forum is not the most active, but are there any veteran Derm PAs out there who can provide some advice on how to prepare for your first job out of school in Dermatology? It feels like forever since taking the PANCE and the further out from school I get before starting work the emptier my brain feels. Need a bit of a jump-start before work starts in an academic Dermatology dept at the end of this month. I have been reviewing the AAD Learning Modules for students but it seems to be pretty cursory. It's good review but I'm looking for some personal insight/advice.
  5. Could not even get completely through your post without wincing/cringing. Not normal. Not tolerable. Glad to hear the faculty is doing damage control, maybe they will scrutinize their admission values and tighten up their interviews a bit more. You don't need to be a "hero" or anything, but I would speak up if there is no one already willing to do so. Those bad weeds need to be nipped in the bud.
  6. Just wanted to pop in and wish those who are interviewing/setting up interviews the best of luck. The only advice you need is: BE. YOUR. SELF. (and be excited) -- You don't need to impress anyone, and the faculty are not looking to be impressed. You've met the qualifications on paper and now your personality and how you carry yourself in group and solo conversations are what counts. Talk about your favorite beer, talk about being a summer camp counselor, talk about your failures in life, talk about your traveling experiences and what you've taken from those moments and how they make you w
  7. I don't practice EM but on my Neurosurgery rotation the attending used to crack jokes at documentation of "decreased/diminished rectal tone" - he would say, "It's either there or it ain't, and unless you have one finger in yourself and one finger in the patient theres no way you can document that it's 'deceased [from baseline]'" He was more in favor of the pinpoint sensation test mentioned above^^^
  8. All very good points. I was expecting the opinion to lean towards the hospital. The private practice is young and growing quickly in an area with high surgical derm needs; salary offered is competitive but the difference between the offers is only ~$5k/year and thats not factoring benefits+PTO (which Hospital trumps).
  9. Does working for the Mayo Clinic qualify one for this 10 year minimal payment plan that ends in forgiveness? I know Mayo offers their employees 403(b)s due to them being "Non profit"
  10. That sounds like a long, expensive, and unnecessary route to take. What's your story?
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