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Global Health minor worth it?

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I'm planning on majoring in Human Biology, Health, and Society (yup that's one major haha) and minoring in Global Health. Many of the classes overlap, and the ones that don't seem really interesting! As part of the minor requirements, I plan to spend my Junior-Senior summer in Ecuador through U-belong as a medical assistance volunteer (not MA). Would this count as HCE, or would my time be better spent on working as a CNA in a community health clinic closer to home? Not participating in the international experience will make me ineligible for the minor, but does having/not having the minor influence my application? I'm personally excited for either opportunity, but which would be better looked upon by PA schools and especially the NHSC Scholars program?


So in other words, summer in Ecuador + Global Health minor vs. summer as CNA at community health clinic in the eyes of NHSC scholars program and PA schools? (Assuming all other parts of application are the same)

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