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  1. Hello, Has anybody who has applied for post-graduate fellowships for next year received interview invites? I’m specifically talking about ones that begin next spring (January-April 2021). I realize many application due dates haven’t happened yet, but I’m bored after submitting mine and am simply curious to see if anybody out there has heard anything back! I’ve applied to 6 EM fellowships for context, but this post is for applicants in ANY field. Thanks.
  2. Just wondering, how does this differ from r/medicine or r/physicianassistant?
  3. Hello all, I am curious as to what your programs are planning for clinical rotations amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. I am currently a PA-S2 in the middle of clinical year. Our program just announced yesterday that they are planning us being on “virtual” online rotations through the summer for the next 3 months. We will be taking EOR exams throughout this period. Anyways, I am just trying to gain a sense of what other programs are doing as well. Are some programs just suspending operations at this time, with the idea that you may have to push back graduation, or are you doing online activities to get you through in order to graduate on time? I’m worried that this is going to put us at a disadvantage when it comes to finding work. I, for one, have not had a surgery rotation yet and am terrified of the idea of graduating without ever having set foot in an OR. It is a terrifying reality that we are living in now, and I’m just hoping for some clarity as to what other programs are currently doing. Thanks!
  4. Oh okay, thanks! I guess it’s out of my hands if any rotations down the road get changed so I’ll just add what I know at this time. Of course, with the current COVID-19 situation, many programs are switching to virtual electives to get them through. Has anybody dealt with virtual rotations on a CV before?
  5. Hello, I am currently in the process of getting application materials ready to ship off hopefully in the next couple of months when things calm down and life returns to normal. For those who posted “do extra EM rotations,” does that imply that you listed all of your rotations on your CV? I have two scheduled, but have only completed one so far. Should I list all of my scheduled rotations on my CV, or just the ones I’ve completed? Of course, things may change in the future which may change any rotations I currently have scheduled. Has anyone else run into a similar situation? Thanks!
  6. Congrats on the interviews! One issue I’m running into while planning which programs to apply to is that none line up with our graduation date! We’re done in December, Pance early January. Only 3 or so start in the spring, otherwise most start dates for residencies are in the summer or fall. Are you running into this? How long are you willing to wait after graduation to start a residency? Stretching it out unil the summer is the most I think I’d be willing to do, waiting until the following fall seems ridiculous.
  7. Thanks for the updates! Been following this thread as the Iowa EM residency is definitely on my radar. As I enter my last semester of Didactic (thank goodness), I’m starting to prep for my future beyond PA school and how to be most competitive for EM residencies. Did anyone who was accepted do any additional EM rotations during clinical? My program, for better or worse, contains 15 rotations and thus I am trying to get at least 2, maybe 3 EM rotations set up. Also, for those accepted, what was your didactic GPA like? Is that weighed heavily in the selection process, or is it more experience/interest in EM that they look for? I was born and raised in Iowa, go to PA school in Iowa, and have an interest in practicing in rural Iowa, so I will certainly use that to my advantage when applying! Thanks again or all the updates, that Wilderness Medicine elective is right up my alley.
  8. Yeah this apparent credit check is taking a lot longer this year! I've been creeping the SDN threads as well and they haven't heard anything yet either.
  9. Hey everyone, So I have a question regarding the "dual degree" option it says on the application. During my interview, our program director talked to me about the likelihood of our program adding a concurrent PA/MPH program starting with our cohort. I will definitely be doing this option if the program comes to fruition, but am technically only enrolled in the PA program at this time. Do you think it would be unethical on the application to state that I am in fact enrolled in a dual degree PA/MPH option? Again, if available, I will be doing the concurrent route. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks
  10. You would put your start date as 8/18 and end date as 8/20. I think yours actually fits much cleaner than mine does. I start June 18th, but have to put 7/1 on the application since that's when their fiscal year starts. They won't reimburse further back than 7/1 so essentially 12 days is what's keeping me from not having to pay for my summer semester. Kinda sucks.
  11. I'm fairly certain it doesn't lock you in anywhere, I feel as if it's just for statistical analysis. Similar to the specialty we "chose" in CASPA? They just want a feel for what areas their applicants are interested in...
  12. Haha the madness continues. I called earlier about an unrelated question, and the lady on the phone brought up the essay requirement discrepancy and specifically told me 2,500 characters not including spaces. I'm done being nit picky, as 500 words and 2,500 characters are roughly the same anyways. Oh well, on to the next issue.
  13. Yeah I'm quickly running into the same issues people have had in the past. On the actual scholarship application, it says 2,500 characters for the essays. In both the program guide and email that was sent out today it says 500 words. I called and asked, they told me 2,500 since that's whats on the actual application. However I feel like since 500 words showed up in two different places it makes me more inclined to think this is the actual correct count. It seems that people being given conflicting information is a common theme with this process. Lol, someone else dare to call and see what they say? :)
  14. My academic letter of recommendation is coming from a professor who taught one of my prereqs within the past year. I've already called and confirmed with NHSC that this is OK. I think this is actually a fairly common route for people who have been out of school for awhile...
  15. I've been having the same issue actually. For now I just but in BS dates in order to move past to the next page. I'm going to meet with my advisor in the near future and she is going to help me put dates that she feels comfortable with and that also fit within their parameters.
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