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  1. Ejohns20

    Seeking advice from current NHSC Scholars

    Hi @PAtrynabe did you accept? Have you heard from others an answer to this question? I'm a prospective NHSC applicant and am curious about this as well.
  2. Ejohns20

    Interviewing Where Previously Denied

    Thanks for the advice guys - I had a fun interview day and felt blessed just to be back again. And I got the acceptance call the next day. Wahoo!
  3. I will say though... that after last year interviewing and not getting a spot I did email the university in general and my interviewer personally, asking for advice on improving, and received the same general "we do not provide individual feedback," email from both.
  4. This is my third cycle applying to my dream school - the first time I was rejected right off the bat (I deserved it, I applied thinking I might graduate undergrad early and was wildly underprepared), the second time I interviewed but then was rejected, and this cycle I have been invited to interview again. At this point this year, I've had three other interviews and been accepted to two, but I am still SO nervous for this interview because it is by far my first choice. I also think I'm a little scarred from interviewing last year, not feeling I did well, then being rejected. Any advice on how to prepare for this situation in particular? Or calm down? Maybe I just need a pep talk, I've made it this far. I think I'm psyching myself out - scared that history will repeat itself.
  5. Late response, but last summer I went to a Wilderness Medicine course at the University of Colorado and I LOVED it. It was all pre-PA and pre-med students, and I think the faculty would be great resources to answer these kinds of questions. I'm not particularly interested in wilderness medicine as a career path as a PA, maybe to dip my toe in, so I didn't ask all these questions but you might want to look in to this if you're remotely in the area! I came from Arizona but I got a scholarship to go.
  6. If you have any connections to a good doctor, I would definitely foster that and be vocal of your end goal (which I assume is becoming a PA). A few years ago, I expressed my interest in medicine and learning about becoming a provider which lead me to a job in the front office of a derm clinic. The doc took a liking to me, I got more experience, started helping with MA-type paperwork, used the study guide of coworkers, sat for the MA exam and passed. There's a way to sit for the MA exam without graduating from a program if you have the required experience and have a doc sponsor you. It was the best thing that ever happened to me in regards to pre-PA. However, if you're in a time crunch, a short MA program at a community college might be a better bet than gaining the required experience to sit for the exam, albeit more expensive. I'd also like to give my .02 and say that I think MA was the better route for me (keeping in mind the end goal) than CNA. I've never worked as a CNA and don't know a TON about it, but I think for the close relationships I was able to build with docs and PAs alone, MA is where it's at.
  7. Ejohns20

    Best time to have a baby?

    I've been thinking about this too - what about the insurance aspect? I would think that insurance would be better after landing a quality, full-time job than in school or shortly after. That alone has me considering getting a couple/few years of experience under my belt first.
  8. Hi friends - I'm interviewing 11/5 too. I'm not a native, but I've lived in the area since undergrad and I interviewed last year so I'd be happy to give insight on either. Also, my place is teeny but if anyone needs a couch to crash on, I'd be happy to offer. Yes, let's get together the night before! I can pick people up from hotels if needed.

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