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  1. Hi all! I posted this in the other thread, but I'm a current student; finishing up my first year. Of course, no expert, but I have interviewed with NAU twice, and am an NHSC and AHEC scholar, & free to give any advice I can! My email is ed533@nau.edu if I can be of any help in any way, or provide perspective. Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone who applied, interviewed, or got accepted. I'm a part of the class of 2022. This may be opening a can of worms (hehe) but, if you'd like to email me at ed533@nau.edu with questions, I'm more than open to helping how I can. I'm also an NHSC & AHEC scholar and am one of few students ever to take a Leave of Absence and keep my scholarships. Much love! Elinor
  3. Hi friends. Maybe I'm opening a pandora's box but I'm a current first year and my email is ed533@nau.edu if I can do anything to help! I was in a lunch with interviewees today and thought it might be helpful to pop in here. I don't really remember much about interview/rejection/acceptance timelines but, hopefully I can be helpful in other ways. Eli
  4. Thanks for your thanks! If I remember correctly, I waited until I have definitely chosen my PA school and had them send a blank transcript, just showing that I am enrolled but not started classes yet. Plus my BS transcript. I'm pretty sure that as long as you get your app in before the deadline then you're scored the same. (no benefit to applying early)
  5. Same - I'm a first year and I'd be happy to answer. I'll try to respond timely. Also, not that I want you hogging my curb but Fillmore or the neighborhoods east of it are free close-ish parking
  6. Countersignature by Jamie King this morning 10:46a! NHSC Scholarship 2019 (copied from SDN): Credit Check: Shown on credit report from "Credco"1st round - July 152nd round - ???Finalist Notification: Recipients received an email to check portal for an update1st round - Aug 62nd round - Aug 123rd round - Aug 20 - phone call before finalist emailCo-signatures: signed by Jamie king1st round : September 9th, 10th, 11th
  7. They say that we will all know results by September 30th. But I've heard that there's the possibility of your portal being updated by mid-September if you check (without getting a notification about it til later)
  8. Haven't heard anything. Checked my BHW portal too and it looks the same Per forums, portal should update mid-September ish
  9. Received mine today. Not sure how excited to be??
  10. Of the five schools I applied to, JUST tuition and fees were: $64k, $88k, $90k, $120k, $142k.
  11. If y'all are still looking, message me if you want! The clinic I work at (locations in Phoenix and Tempe) takes students and I can give you a contact name/email.
  12. I can only speak to my experience and I chose to lean on the side of adding every relevant course. I think 2 is totally acceptable, maybe 3. In the case that you have more than that, I'd say the most advanced or most relevant. But it is hard to know how/if/what affect that had on my application in the end (yes, was accepted to 4/5 schools applied). I don't think coursework ever came up in interviews, let alone these kinds of logistics. I think it's more of a, "do you meet the requirement or not."
  13. I don't have much to add in regards to EMT or not but... I'm a west coast gal through and through and only applied to schools in the west besides one, "reach," school. So if you have any specific questions there, feel free to shoot a message my way or if you find yourself in AZ visiting schools or for an interview I'd be happy to help guide!
  14. Not to stir the pot but I agree with OP that it could be PART of a rejection. I know a number of schools here in the west that explicitly state they give preference to in-state applicants. Also, I applied to a school in New Mexico who didn't explicitly state such, but after I was rejected they told me that they only accepted five out of state students that cycle.
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