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  1. Ejohns20

    Poem for personal statement?

    I love this so much - made my day. I do feel like I got to know you, your personality, a bit of your story and what really drives you. I've got no experience to add on whether you should submit it or not, but I wanted to chime in and say how impressed I am. If you decide not to submit for your app, I'd love to see you do something else with it - maybe published like Beattie suggested!
  2. Ejohns20

    Organic Chemistry Fears

    This gave me a good laugh. I have nothing to add except that I thought Ochem was going to be hell but it turned out to be smooth enough. Biochem is what really kicked my butt. Don't know until you try I guess. I assume both of them will be good prep for a PA program if you can manage to fit them in to your schedule.
  3. Ejohns20

    I want to become a PA

    Agree with @Potatolife. Also, there has been much discussion on the forum about the best way to get PCEs, and it depends on timing, situation, etc. but I'd chime in that it is more than just racking up hours for a prerequisite. I'm biased but I like being an MA because you have the opportunity to work directly with physicians, PAs, NPs, etc. and learn about their workflow and create a vision of what setting you'd like to be in someday. All while getting paid (though, arguably, not much). And if you do it right, you can earn a certification along the way (message me if you're interested in hearing more about this). I can't really speak to your other questions but there's lots of content on the forum about it all. Congrats, newlywed!
  4. Ejohns20

    Number of attempts

    If it's your dream, never give up! It is common for people to apply two or three times before being accepted. More people apply every year for the same number of spots. Although, more schools are popping up too. As a bit of reference, my dream school accepts 40 students a year. Back in 2015 when I first applied they had about 2,000 applicants. I applied again 2017 and it had gone up to about 2,500, still for 40 spots. I applied again this year and was accepted (hallelujah!). The medical school that uses the same building and labs has an acceptance rate of about 5%, but this PA school's acceptance rate is down to less than 2% now. I know that it's a completely different thing, but bottom line, getting in to PA school is hard and takes persistence but achievable. You can do this! Someone I interviewed with said this was their 7th year applying. They got in too.
  5. Ejohns20

    Which schools do I apply to??

    A couple of questions - what about GRE and LORs? Is this your first cycle applying? Depending on the school, you might want to check if they accept phlebotomy as direct patient care (I think most do?) as well as the medical intern hours (some might not, depending on your duties). Sounds like you have some cool experiences to write about, so that's a plus. I live on the west coast so when I applied last year I took the list of 30ish schools in the west and knocked out about 15 that I wasn't interested in simply because of location then about 3 I didn't meet requirements for. I had similar GPAs to yours, about 1,500 care hours, average GRE, good LORs. 12 applications, one interview, no acceptances. Second round I decided (which is a bit backwards, according to what I've seen on the forum) to decrease the number of schools I applied to and only spend the money on schools I seriously thought I could get in to. Plus one reach school, just to see if I could do it. That came out to be 5 schools, 3 of which were in state. Same GPAs, raised GRE scores to a bit above average, increased care hours to nearly 4,000. 5 applications, 4 interviews, 4 acceptances, including the reach school. That was my experience. In answer to your question, I'd say comb over the schools' websites carefully. Pay attention to both what they have laid out explicitly as requirements as well as implicitly (read between the lines a bit, what kind of applicant do they see as a good "fit"?). Best things you can do for your application in the meantime, IMHO, is rack up quality care hours, LORs and GRE scores.
  6. I think living at home would provide you more benefits than just saving on rent. Maybe I'm just homesick, but I'd kill to have my mom's home cooked meal after a long day! Living close to school may also come with costs for utilities, groceries, parking, cleaning time, new furniture, etc etc. Not sure your exact home situation, but, things to think about.
  7. Ejohns20

    Are you happy as a PA?

    Thanks for asking this @Potatolife and for your thorough response @mgriffiths - it touched on many aspects I was curious about.
  8. Hi there - I interviewed on the first interview day and received acceptance to the dual program 12/3 via email; no phone call. After clicking through, I received a letter like @Victory1322 and one in the mail. Although, I did end up declining the offer.
  9. #2 MUSC. Happy wife happy life IMHO. Only half-joking. Plus the combo of cost/rotations/PANCE
  10. Is there a way pre-PA students can get a sense of a program's reputation? There's three programs in my area and I swear, in each interview, staff or faculty or students or someone said, "preceptors here will only take students from our program." I take this with a grain of salt, but I really am curious.
  11. That would be me! Technically, this is my third year applying, although I didn't take the first year seriously. Changes I made: Increased GRE score slightly Accumulated about 1,000 more patient care hours (1 yr full time) Hometown Scholar (see website) Applied earlier in the cycle (early June vs shortly before deadline) I had everyone revise their letters of recommendation, though I think I used the same people except the one who was my sponsor for the Hometown Scholars. I revised my personal statement, though it held the same theme. No changes to GPA.
  12. Ejohns20

    GWU vs NAU

    Yesterday I received an acceptance that I had never anticipated, and so I'd like some insight in this big decision. I, of course, have already pondered quite a bit and talked to loved ones but outside perspectives would be nice too I've narrowed my choices to George Washington University's combined PA/MPH program and Northern Arizona University's PA program. I know that at first, GWU is quite striking but I do have some concerns GWU: 3 years, ~$140k tuition and fees #3 program in the country, affiliation with notable healthcare systems Opportunity for connections with strong alumni base Class of 15 or less Staff with prestigious positions and accolades Located in DC - I do have an interest in healthcare policy NAU: 2 years, ~$64k tuition and fees New program, I believe I will be in the 7th class Class of 50 Located in Phoenix; rotations are placed all over the state, many of them being rural which interests me Thoughts - with NAU I'd be able to stay living where I'm living (10-15min commute), paying $800 in rent vs upwards of $2k in DC. I'd suspect other living costs would be significantly cheaper as well. I interviewed last year at NAU as well and have kept connections. I really feel at home there - LOVE the campus, resources, and culture. It concerns me that it is a new program; I really don't know how much "reputation," plays a part in hiring process post-graduation. Turning down acceptance to such a renowned program, GWU, is hard for me to stomach though. It is outside of my comfort zone, but I am not ignorant to the amazing opportunity. However, I do have concerns about how much an MPH will really help me post-graduation. I would like to get one eventually though, certainly, as the material would be of great interest to me personally. The sheer cost of doing so right now though, plus drastically increased living costs, weighs heavy. Sorry for the novel. Thoughts?

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