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  1. Anyone have any insight into the Biochemistry prerequisite for some schools that require a biochemsitry class and the downside to registering for a survey biochemistry course vs. a biochemistry (for majors) course? I am a post-B.A. graduate now picking and choosing certain required classes from those that seem most applicable in pre-req's for my application, and at this point I have found a Biochemistry course that is listed as a 'Survey Biochemistry' course and not the actual Intro to Biochem. class listed for majors. The main reason for doing so is because I haven't actually fulfilled the Organic Chemistry requirement and have found enough schools to not deem Chemistry + Organic necessary for their admission and given that Organic would be an entire year added to where I am today with all of this coming out of pocket. Not only would the cost be detrimental to me, but the timeframe I'm looking at for sanity sake to actual apply into schools is starting to wear on me (for full transparency sake...). I'm just really eager to get into the P.A. school side of things and begin learning more applicable (even it it be more difficult) information given my desire to sit in a lab all day and do chemical equations are sitting around the 0% range. Any insight is greatly appreciated -- I know some schools have specifically listed that a survey course does not fulfill this pre-requisite, but I figure if it comes to it, I can cross that bridge when I get there if it turns out to be absolutely necessary at that time, but I don't want to take the class for the time being if none of the schools seem to be accepting it or if it will actually be detrimental to my application in the long run. Thanks for any insight you can offer! -Michael
  2. I just came upon this post, as well -- any more updates from new programs that have been developed international rotations and/or are open to a student taking these types of rotations? I know I've looked at the aforementioned schools and I'm pretty sure (with the exception of Harding, haven't looked at it), they all still have international rotations. Also, to those who have mentioned setting up international rotations or have people in their programs who have set up international rotations -- any insight on how this is done? I'm sure every school is slightly different, but at this present moment, I wouldn't even know where to start and any insight on this process would be massively appreciated.
  3. Hey all -- New to the forum. I'm a post-BA student with a degree in Geography/Economics, where I focused on community development and the more sociological side of things... Years after my graduation, I decided to take the plunge into the medical field instead. I currently am an EMS worker with the goal to be involved with the Global Health field in the future (main interest in water/sanitation/infectious diseases, etc.).. Given the short background, my thought process is directed at doing a P.A. program with the hopes of being able to utilize that both domestically and abroad... SO -- I suppose my main questions are: 1.) Does this seem like a good approach, given my main interest being in global health? I'm currently 29 -- so to try and backtrack at this point and attempt to go to Med School seems like an idea I'm being nudged away from... especially from physicians I've met en route at hospitals and others that I know. Additionally -- I'm wondering if there are any sorts of databases that show P.A. programs with International Clinical Elective rotations? Going from site to site to try and find my best case scenario is becoming somewhat wasteful in terms of time utilization it seems. OR -- better yet, have you heard of any programs that seem to offer this opportunity and/or are the best types of programs for this interest? May seem like a pretty broad and rounded question, but thought maybe you all could offer some insight. Thanks a ton! Michael
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