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  1. Is anyone interviewing on the 22nd and has the info. for the informal meet tonight w/ the current PA students to share? I received my email with the interview invitation around 1245 and have since confirmed, but I was hoping to be present tonight, as well and wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed the information for this. Thanks! - Michael
  2. I'm into it, that'd be awesome...Let me know!
  3. Has anyone received the pre-req email Confirming and then never received any follow up? I haven’t received an interview or a rejection, so just curious if this had happened to anyone so far?
  4. Right there with you! Keeping my fingers crossed... Best of luck & hopefully we'll get some great news here soon!
  5. Following -- it appears interviews are 10/5 to 10/9 according to their website, so I imagine we'll be hearing back soon(-ish). Good luck everyone!
  6. Was this the 8 week, 4 credit Ochem1 at Doane? I'm on a last minute crunch to take OChem1 for some schools, and the setup for the University near me [given COVID] was an absolute disaster with the way it was setup, plus I have a shoulder surgery coming up in the meantime that will knock me out of commission for writing for a little while, so it just wasn't going to work. Sounds like you and others had a great experience with Doane, though, so that was was plan to fulfill this course. Any advice? I can shoot you a DM if this is easier, just want to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible with taking PT for my shoulder all the while with the class. Thank you thank you in advance.
  7. If you don't mind my asking, what was your gpa? Also, how far from the time when you had submitted your application? I haven't seen anything thus far, but it seems like it's not flat out stating they won't, they just are looking at what kind of applicants they have.. I could be misreading it, though. Best of luck!
  8. Joining in. Got my prelim screening/pre-req's e-mail, just awaiting to see as time follows. Anyone have an idea on interview timelines for UNE? I just see Fall, but maybe i'm just getting overzealous over here, hah.
  9. Hello! My name's Michael, applicant during this CASPA cycle and I am currently in need of some additional shadowing opportunities/hours. I have found a lot of places to be on hold for another few months with COVID, but I was hoping I might be able to find something in the meantime. I am located a little north of Cincinnati, but am flexible with location and have reliable transportation and availability, so any opportunities would work for me. Thank you! -Michael
  10. I'm dealing with the same issue, as well. I was assuming that the Application ID could be placed into the 'Department' region when first putting CASPA into the Organization region in the beginning. However, I'm still unable to figure out the recipient email problem... I'm thinking it could be a glitch in the NSC website, but haven't heard back from them at this time. Have you been able to find any solution thus far?
  11. Just out of curiosity -- does anyone know exactly what the 'Letters by Liason' portal looks like to the evaluators? I've had to submit multiple letters of recommendation from previous employers for other post-bacc or bacc. programs, but this was always the commonly used letter form of letters of recommendation, which I Imagine the portal is not (I could be wrong?). So was just wondering if anyone knew exactly what the evaluations covered -- what the scores and correlating questions were about specifically, if the evaluator still has the opportunity to write in the same way they did in the previous letters of recommendation that I had received from them? I have a few who cover the bases and who wrote incredible letters of recommendation at that time, but I didn't know if the portal allows for me to utilize these same people and have it have the same type of impact it had in written form. This is my first time submitting for CASPA so I'm pretty green to all of it... any help is appreciated. Thanks! -Michael
  12. This absolutely varies from state to state... I know for many states, by petitioning the courts to seal and/or expunge any previous convictions, this automatically allows someone to be able to check the 'no' box under these conditions at this time and ONLY under the condition where a future criminal act and/or act of violence is to be committed can these records be uncovered (and this only can be uncovered by law enforcement/government protection agencies/etc.) Additionally, by law, even in the event that records are uncovered I have read that it is in fact not legally allowed to be asked about... If this agency did in fact ask you about the record or held merit of the charge in order to prevent your hiring, they in fact had committed an illegal act at that point. What this all means? Sure, even if that is the case... you've got way too much work to do to prove this and litigate it at this point for 99.9% of workers to go through the process in showing this all took place, but on the books it's not allowed. However, I do know that its a pain in the ass to get everything not only expunged, but to go through the multiple levels of record keeping (and their connected bureaus/etc.) ultimately falls on the convicted to ensure that all levels of government records have done as they are supposed to in order to ensure that the records were, in fact, expunged or sealed as granted. 'Expungement' is the entire destruction of the records, whereas sealing them is merely tucking them away into the depths of a basement somewhere in the event they are needed... Always reach for expungement in the event of petitioning the courts. Austyn -- not to pry, but was this a first offense DUI and/or were there any other charges associated? It just seems that a first offense is seldom charged as a felony, and even in the event the court initially charges a felony level, it can be knocked down.. But if other charges were connected, this could hold merit over the ultimate goal, as well... I'd likely think longer than 2 years may be required, but it all varies from state to state.
  13. Would you still say to do this considering they went from part-time (via PRN) to Full-Time and is currently working full time? I may be totally wrong in my perception, but I feel like they would weigh (to some degree, even if not entirely consciously) seeing the job was a full time position over seeing it was a part time or per diem position -- Obviously can't flat out tell lies, as that's well.. just jacked up to even consider and will ultimately show itself in it's deception, but considering it's a full time job now .. I just feel there's only upside to select full time at this point... is this belief totally wrong or do I have some semblance of a leg to stand on?
  14. Anyone have any insight into the Biochemistry prerequisite for some schools that require a biochemsitry class and the downside to registering for a survey biochemistry course vs. a biochemistry (for majors) course? I am a post-B.A. graduate now picking and choosing certain required classes from those that seem most applicable in pre-req's for my application, and at this point I have found a Biochemistry course that is listed as a 'Survey Biochemistry' course and not the actual Intro to Biochem. class listed for majors. The main reason for doing so is because I haven't actually fulfilled the Organic Chemistry requirement and have found enough schools to not deem Chemistry + Organic necessary for their admission and given that Organic would be an entire year added to where I am today with all of this coming out of pocket. Not only would the cost be detrimental to me, but the timeframe I'm looking at for sanity sake to actual apply into schools is starting to wear on me (for full transparency sake...). I'm just really eager to get into the P.A. school side of things and begin learning more applicable (even it it be more difficult) information given my desire to sit in a lab all day and do chemical equations are sitting around the 0% range. Any insight is greatly appreciated -- I know some schools have specifically listed that a survey course does not fulfill this pre-requisite, but I figure if it comes to it, I can cross that bridge when I get there if it turns out to be absolutely necessary at that time, but I don't want to take the class for the time being if none of the schools seem to be accepting it or if it will actually be detrimental to my application in the long run. Thanks for any insight you can offer! -Michael
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