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Thoughts on recent probation?

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Hey everyone,

I'm sure most of you know already, but Rush recently went on probation after their review in March. I attended their online information session and the students seemed very happy to talk about Rush and really hyped it up. Also, the program director stated it was just an administration issue. I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about why they went on probation? ARC-PA's report does not state anything and I'm not sure how long it'll take to update. I still want to apply, but not if they're hiding some deeper issue.

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I actually reached out to the Rush PA admissions team asking for more details. Here's the relevant part of their response:



We appreciate you reaching out to us about our accreditation status. The program was placed on accreditation-probation status due to our not clearly demonstrating the alignment of our program’s administrative processes and practices with ARC-PA accreditation standards. While we were surprised, we accepted the decision and are using this as an opportunity to demonstrate our alignment with the ARC-PA’s standards unequivocally. The areas of concern noted by the ARC-PA fall into three general categories: administrative processes, student and rotation evaluation processes, and program assessment processes. I do not know when the ARC-PA will post their report findings, but you can see details regarding their decision when posted on their website.

Regarding our actions, as I stated, we are diligently working to clearly document the alignment of our processes toward meeting ARC-PA accreditation standards. We are permitted to seat our incoming class for May 2024 and recruit future classes. We anticipate that our efforts will only help our students perform even better on clinical rotations, succeed in their first-time board passing capacity, and obtain jobs after graduation.


Between their response and their high PANCE pass rates, I personally feel like the program is going to be fine. It doesn't seem like anything that significantly impacts student learning, as long as they're not leaving anything out. We'll see what the ARC-PA report says, but it may be months before it is published.

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