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  1. Definitely. Thanks for your input! I've noticed that some programs are more transparent regarding their accreditation status than others. I've also read that there is "administrative probation" versus "academic probation." I don't know which one is more unsettling.
  2. That's great to hear! I've talked to a couple other people and they have said similar things about their perspective probationary programs. I think the only concern that I would have after the fact is if the program's administration is actively making improvements to eventually reach "Accreditation-Continued." Thanks for replying & good luck!
  3. Hi, everyone! What are your thoughts on applying to programs with a ARC-PA probationary accreditation status (i.e., "Accreditation-Probation")? I'm a first-time applicant, and a couple schools that I have my eye on currently have probationary statuses (Johnson & Wales University; Monmouth University). I was wondering if it's worth applying to said schools, especially to ones that have had a probationary status for more than two years. Although these schools are still considered accredited, is it safe to apply to & then attend these schools? Do these schools prepare stud
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