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  1. Basically the institution was on warning through the regional accreditor,which can only be last two years. -after two years rather than removing the warning they changed it to "probation with good cause" which means the institution showed significant improvement and plans to completely resolve the issue but hadn't yet completely resolved it. Being the worrier I am, I am thinking worst case scenario. The pa admin (no accreditation issues through arc-pa) said worst case, they would lose regional accreditation either dec 2017 or 2018 which would also revoke arc-pa accreditation. Bt since they h
  2. Yeah the problem is with the institution, not the PA program. Pa program is on continuing accreditation. My understanding is if they lose it, they would automatically lose the ARC accreditation right?
  3. from what I read it it has been on warning for the past two years (the maximum consecutive time on warning) for "failed to demonstrate compliance with Core Requirement 2.11.1 (Financial resources and stability), Comprehensive Standard 3.10.1 (Financial stability), and Comprehensive Standard 3.10.3 (Control of finances) of the Principles of Accreditation". They met this december and changed it to probation, which is more severe, suggesting they didn't fix at least some of the aspects. They will meet dec 2017 and can either extend probation 1 more year, revoke accreditation, or reinstate it. But
  4. I am supposed to start a program in January. I have recently learned that the parent institution's accreditation has been changed to probational. The PA program itself has continued ARC accreditation. However, if the institution were to lose its accreditation, the PA program would as well (before I graduate). I realize they could teach out any matriculated classes. Is there any obligation for them to do this? ie if the faculty know the program would close, why would they want to stay? wouldnt they find new jobs to leave asap? Any information would be very appreciated!!!
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