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  1. First, I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Rylie Yager and I am a junior in my undergrad at Grand Valley State University. I am majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience, minoring in Psychology and Biology with a pre - PA emphasis. Due to the competitiveness when it comes to admissions in to PA programs, I have been attempting to prepare to become the best possible applicant for when I apply to PA programs next summer (2022). It is stressful and beyond overwhelming - especially being that I am the first member of my family to be attending college, let alone grad school. I've had to figure out everything related to college on my own; from scheduling courses to managing everything that comes along with being a college student whom has to finically support themselves simultaneously. Thus far, I feel like I have been keeping up with the punches that this new journey has thrown my way. Now, I am on a new journey to become a PA - which is terrifying but also exciting. Being that I have been working along my education journey on my own, all I know is from research that I have done myself and contacting facility at my university. But I would like to receive more input and advise that could help me - and I am sure many others - on this journey of becoming a PA. Being how competitive it is to be admitted into a PA program, I am doing all that I can think of to become a worthy applicant - and would love advise from others who are on this journey and those who have surpassed it and are willing to give advise on how to get there. I have listed some of the things that I have done/currently doing to help prepare me for my future in a PA program, and as a PA: Work Experience: Server in a nursing home Receptionist in a nursing home Medical technician in a nursing home Behavioral neuro technician in an inpatient facility Mental health technician in a psychiatrics hospital (current) Education: Overall GPA: 3.678 Coursework: Fall 2021 BIO 328 SWS Biomedical Ethics BIO 376 Genetics Laboratory CHM 232 Biological Chemistry CHM 232 Biological Chemistry Discussion CHM 232 Biological Chemistry Lab PSY 300S WS Research Methods in Psych 367 Health Psychology Winter 2022 AHS 100 Medical Terminology BMS 212 Introductory Microbiology (RETAKE) 213 Laboratory in Microbiology (RETAKE) PHY 200 Physics for the Life Sciences PSY 400 Advanced Research in Psychology Previous/Completed BIO 121 General Biology II with lab BIO 355 Human Genetics CHM 231 Introductory Organic Chemistry with lab PSY 303 Psychopathology PSY 311 SWS Controversial Issues Psych PSY 330 Foundations of Behav Neuroscience BMS 212 Introductory Microbiology BMS 213 Laboratory in Microbiology BMS 251 Anatomy and Physiology II with lab PSY 324Developmental Psychopathology WRT 219 Creative Writing Workshop CHM 230 Intro to Organic and Biochem with lab FIT 125 Performance Weight Training HST 102 European Civilizations PSY 364 Life Span Developmental Psych WRT 150Strategies in Writing BMS 250Anatomy and Physiology I with lab CHM 109 Introductory Chemistry with lab PHI 202 Ethics of Health SOC 105 Social Problems PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology BIO 121 General Biology II Academic achievements: Deans list Writing portfolio utilized by writing department for grading scale Volunteering: Crisis Hotline Community Food Bank Grand Rapids
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