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Found 18 results

  1. I just had all of my transcripts uploaded by CASPA. And, I’ve approved them, but do I have to match the prerequisites to the programs or will CASPA do that for me if I opt out? Thx
  2. I received my BS from a Pass/Fail university. On the official transcript it states pass or fail by the course. Student records states that this equates to a 3.0 GPA. I contacted a PA school about applying to the program and I was told that this type of transcript will not be accepted by CASPA. However, I read on a forum that someone had a pass/fail transcript and was selected in to the program. How do a I overcome that?
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows how long (in general) it takes for a mailed transcript to be sent to and processed by CASPA? I submitted an order through parchment last Friday. The status reads "Delivered", but I've yet to see anything in CASPA.
  4. I am in the process of filling out my CASPA application and, under Program Materials for each program I am applying to, it asks me to assign the course from my transcript entry to each respective prerequisite. I am having trouble deciding which courses to assign in some cases. For example, for "Anatomy", I have the option to assign A&P I (in lieu of Anatomy, since I did not take that class) and for "Physiology", I have the option to assign A&P II. I have taken A&P I and A&P II, but I have ALSO taken actual Physiology (which was a more advanced class). For the programs requesting "Anatomy", I am assigning my A&P I course. What should I assign for "Physiology"? For consistency, I want to add A&P II. For accuracy on what they desire, I want to add Physiology. For now, I have assigned both A&P II + Lab AND Physiology + Lab (4 courses). I feel that this is overkill. I am having the same issue with the prerequisites labelled "Science Electives". It wants me to choose 1 out of a list which I have taken the majority of. Which one do I assign? The most advanced? All of them? Side note: I managed to graduate with a 4.0, so the grade I made is a negligent deciding factor. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, 1) I am new to this forum and I have a question pertaining to transcript entry. I just graduated from college (BS in Psychology), but prior to entering university, I was dual-enrolled with a local community college while I was still in high school. I have 21 credits that were taken prior to entering my freshman year as well as 6 additional credits taken from the same community college the summer after my freshman year. I added that community college to allow myself to manually add my classes to that transcript, but I am not sure what to put for "academic status" since most of those credits were taken prior to my freshmen year at university and the drop down does not have a "pre-college" option. Does this make sense? 2) After watching the video on the sidebar, I am also a bit confused on what to do since I retook a course. Do I manually add both grades into my transcript, or just add the first grade, and then click to review and finalize my transcript, and then add the new grade I got when prompted if a retook any classes? Thank you in advance for any help!
  6. Some of the schools that i am applying to requires 1 credit of medical terminology. I have my transcripts verified and have met all the other prerequisite courses. I don't know if i am missing something, but how do i input an in progress class into CASPA? I am planning on taking the 1 credit medical terminology course online. Can somebody please help? Each time i call CASPA, i just get the automated message and i don't want the programs to think i'm not planning on taking this course. Thank you so much!! edit: fixing typo
  7. I have two questions if anyone might be able to help me. 1) I used the Professional Transcript Entry and I was just wondering what the turn around time is usually for it? I applied to a school whose deadline is November (I know, I know, I'm almost late for this but this is my first application cycle, I have a lot of money saved, and I just wanted to try and see. It's my alma mater for undergrad and I would hate myself for not even trying to get in.) and I'm only about halfway through the 10 business days for the transcripts to be verified. I'm wondering if it's likely to be done before October so it would have the 4 weeks to get to the school if the verification does take all 4 weeks. Does it always take 10 days? 2) I have officially submitted my application so I know I can't update any of my already submitted experiences but I was wondering about experiences I was going to add. I just began volunteering at a new place. A few of my schools require a certain number of volunteer hours and even though I have met them already, they are fragmented and all over the place and confusing. Now that I am finished studying for the GRE, taking prerequisite classes, etc, I wanted a solid and steady volunteer position to continue until I get into PA school. Ideally I would like to meet the minimum requirements with this one position before I submit to the rest of my schools but I know that may not happen. If I add the volunteer experience, will I be able to update the hours as I go as I did before I submitted or do I have to overestimate the hours or something (I really don't want to do that) because I won't be able to edit it. Basically after all this rambling I'm wondering if I can edit my new experiences or if they will be locked like the others. Thank you!
  8. Hey guys, I ordered PTE and sent all of my transcripts to Caspa this summer. They were all received by July and that is also when I ordered PTE. But I'm confused on how the process works. They don't start entering your coursework until you submit your application, right? But you can't submit your application until every section is complete... I tried to review and verify my coursework, but none of my courses are listed yet so it's impossible for me to complete the "transcript" part of the application. Please help!
  9. Basically I have 4 W's on my transcript right now and am facing an incomplete. I will be applying next year to a PA program and am concerned about my transcript. For the first W I will admit I dropped the class because I was taking AnP and didn't realize what I was getting myself into (but this is before I decided on applying to PA). The other 3 have to do with legitimate reasons, first my mother became ill and had to be bed ridden for more than a year and I was her only primary caregiver. I also had to deal with being a witness in a court case where I was being threatened by the opposing party and authorities at the time did not take the threats seriously. Now I'm dealing with another one of mother's surgeries and also dealing with family issues. I have documentation for everything, however the W's are in science classes. My GPA is still pretty high (3.5) and I do have volunteer hands on care. I'm just wondering if admissions boards see the downwards trend and would take it as I don't take college seriously enough. If any of you have any advice to explain this situation I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. Hi all, I've had to submit several transcripts to CASPA. All but one of them arrived last month. One transcript from one particular school cannot seem to get there, and I am incredibly frustrated. Has anyone encountered this problem, and if so, how have you worked around it? I requested that my transcript be sent from the school MULTIPLE times. I have requested it both regular and rushed. In the school's system, it shows that these were all mailed to CASPA, beginning last month. When I got desperate, I called CASPA and finally got through to a human there. She said that if my transcript still hadn't arrived by this week, I could have the school fax over my official transcript. The school faxed over my UNOFFICIAL, which CASPA received, but they still need the official. The school is telling me that they are not allowed to fax over an official transcript. Any suggestions?!?! Any insights or advice would be appreciated, as this has been frustrating and it's the only thing holding up my application from being COMPLETED/VERIFIED. Thanks guys!!
  11. On the CASPA FAQ, it says about changes after e-submitting, "you may change .... references which have a status of “new” or “in-progress” and you may add additional schools to apply to. You may also add NEW experiences, achievements, certifications, and test scores, but you can NOT edit those already entered." So, from what understand, I can apply and submit to the two schools that have September 1st deadlines through CASPA, e-submit, then add and apply to the other school that has a January 15th deadline later. Can I add the school with a later deadline any time after after the CASPA application is submitted and even verified? I also need to take one more class this fall for that other school, but I did not put anything on my transcript section for that planned class (medical ethics). It sounds like I will probably not be able to add this transcript information in after the fact, and maybe I should have put it as "in-progress" even though it hasn't started yet. Either way, I will be sending out that information to that school. Please let me know if this is the case for these issues. I wanted to double check on this information. Thanks!
  12. I have my application ready to submit to a program that has a deadline of 8/1 aside from one outstanding transcript. I mailed my school the transcript request two weeks ago and indicated to hold for final grades. The transcript in question is for one prerequisite course and grades will be finalized Monday 7/20. Then it will be a matter of the school processing my transcript request, mailing it, and CASPA receiving it. Does my CASPA application have to have a status of complete before the deadline of 8/1 or just submitted?
  13. I know supplemental apps tend to offer sections for you to write about things that may not be addressed in your CASPA application. As in, I have nine withdrawals! YIPES! And I need to come up with reasons for those W's. For 6 of them, I have a legit excuse (death in family). But for 3 others that occurred back in 2005 and 2006, I can't even remember why I withdrew!!! Other than saying I was young and lazy, any suggestions for what to put????? (BTW, none of these W's were withdraw/fail)
  14. I made a search and found topics related to CASPA, but it seemed most were medics or corpsman and including that particular schools. I was not a medic or corpsman. I would like to know if anyone has included their "SMART" or "Joint Service Transcript" on CASPA (whether medics/corpsman or not). Mine has no coursework that was used toward my degree, but I have taken a lot MCI's and such, but it shows diversity with the courses that I have taken and includes my military schooling of course, which is completely irrelevant toward anything medicine. Any advice is welcome!
  15. Hello Everyone, To fulfill the prerequisites for PA schools and to be more competitive, I've taken courses from multiple schools. Some at the community college level and others at the university level. Has anyone run into an issue or know if PA schools frown upon taking courses from multiple institutions? I know some schools dislike community college courses and online courses, but as a self Post-Bach student it is financially or timewise more feasible for me to take some courses at the cc level. It just feels ridiculous at times sending multiple transcripts, but I want to do these upper division courses and they are not available to me locally. So if you have any personal experiences or any AdCom members would like to comment, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and good luck! -Tai
  16. So long story short, I've experienced a rough transition from high school to undergraduate. My first year marks were not the best and my second year marks were average (biochem, genetics). Needless to say, the bottom of my transcript is nothing to boast about. Come third year, I get my life together and start popping out consistent 4.0s left, right, and center all the way through 4th year as well (human anatomy, human physiology, etc). So my issue is undoing my first two years. I am now graduated and have a lousy 3.0 overall GPA, with a 3.9-4.0 in my last two years. With this in mind, I realize there are masters programs out there which only look at the last two years. Obviously with my transcript, this is the difference between night and day. Are there PA schools out there worth going to which perform admissions in a similar manner? If not, how can I right my wrongs? I am currently in the phase of shadowing and receiving HCE hours before I apply, and have extensive volunteer, and leadership experience under my belt.Time and debt of going back to school for 2 more years would be overwhelming! Thanks for the input!
  17. I've been dealing with a lot of back and forth with the graduate admissions office and don't know what to do at this point. Once they received the transcript for the undergrad institution I'm getting my bachelors at, they e-mailed me a request for official transcripts from Advanced Placement and AARTS/ACE (military transcript for basic training and specialty training). Neither one of these are colleges so they don't mail out paper transcripts. I had an official electronic transcript from AARTS sent because that's the only kind the federal government offers for this professional coursework. The grad admissions office told me that electronic transcripts aren't official and that the college needs to send a paper one, referring me to the guidelines, but because it's NOT a college the guidelines are actually irrelevant and I can't seem to fix this issue. If they don't process my app for this reason, won't they be denying me because I am a veteran? The AP issue was very surprising to me because schools are usually so familiar with it. The grad admissions office, however, told me that I took AP courses through a college that my high school had an agreement with, which is completely false, and that's why they are telling me to send a transcript. They said that's how I received credit, which is also false. The credit came from my current school after they determined that my scores on AP exams were good enough to be equivalent to coursework there. I've sent them all of the documentation I can, and I'm currently down $175 between all the fees for just this program so I don't want to give up, but I don't know how to get them to process my app if they keep requesting things that don't actually exist. Has anyone had similar issues that they figured out how to fix or does anyone have any suggestions for me? I don't want to upset them, but I need them to send my application to the PA program and at this point they won't. Thanks for any advice you can give!
  18. Hi all, I am applying to PA school when the new cycle opens up in a April 2012. Right now, I am working as a mental health counselor and have been doing that for about 5 years now. I interviewed and just got a job offer for a Neurophys Tech in NY. I want to know if anyone here is working in this field and what your thoughts are on it. My ultimate goal is to get into PA school and am hoping that this new position will only enhance my application. Your thoughts on whether or not I should take this position and discontinue mental health would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. http://www.healthpronet.org/ahp_month/03_04.html
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