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Birth Control no longer requires a prescription in NC

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As I don't prescribe contraception...what are y'all's thoughts on this? Is this something that will expand access in an appropriate fashion or will it increase the risks associated with birth control?

I mean towards increasing access and better utilization and hopefully fewer unwanted pregnancies...but that is based on a foundation of admitted ignorance.

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Really if you can follow some basic guidelines you can probably prescribe some kinds of BCP.

Are you pregnant? When was your last period? Any issue with clots? Do you smoke? Here is a form with all the risks.

My former medical director wrote a little book called "Rethinking Procreation" which he self published on Amazon. He opines that we need to make contraception, including permanent sterilization, more readily available particularly for people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it. He bases this on years working in an ER knife-and-gun club where he saw people who had no business having kids, procreating and then abusing, neglecting, or killing them.

That's an over simplified version but that's his premise.

I don't want to turn this into a political or philosophical debate about birth control. I just thought it was interesting to see the lines shift again.

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In an ideal world, I'm for non-clinicians increasing access to contraceptives.

However, in this scenario if a patient starts developing complications from contraceptive use a pharmacist is not trained nor able to clinically assess and dispo them. It still pushes the patient back to the ED or PCP for eval, and runs the risk of delaying care.

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