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Hello everyone,

I am in process of figuring out the best way to go about paying off my student loans--which is A LOT from both undergrad and PA school. I run into the fork in the road of (A) committing to 10 years working for not for companies to receive the Public Service Loan Forgiveness or (B) consolidating my loan outside of the federal government for a much lower overall interest rate and make payments over a longer period of time. 

Is there anyone here who has entered into the Public Service Loan Forgiveness option? And if you have, what are the pros, cons, challenges or limitations to this? I would really like your feedback. 

If anyone has any other loan repayment advice, I'd appreciate that as well! 

Thank you! 

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I am no financial expert but from what I have heard is only around 1% of the PSLF applicants actually benefit from loan forgiveness, It is my understanding you'd probably be better off applying for one of the HRSA loan forgiveness programs. The gist is you agree to practice in an underserved area for a contracted number of years in exchange for money to pay off loans, 

'Good luck!  Student debt sucks but you are not alone. 

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Public loan  forgiveness.  

have heard horror stories of not getting it

consolidate to s low fixed interest rate   Then work for Public Health Service or military and get Loan forgiveness      Or even many underserved areas do it   Or ask your employer to help   

or just consolidate and live cheap fir a few years   



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