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International Academy of Physician Associate Educators Annual Conference

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Those of you interested in the education of physician assistants/clinical associates/clinical officers, etc might want to consider the IAPAE's annual meeting this year in Johannesburg, SA hosted at Witwatersrand University, September 16 - 18 (with safari to follow :smile:)




As many of you know, some of the African nations have had PA analogue providers for as long (or longer!) than the US. Our goal is to get us all together in a conference to explore our similarities and differences in education, practice parameters and barriers to full implementation. We are all working to ensure health care to our nation's citizens and each nation has responded creatively to address that need. There is so much we can learn from one another. We hope that you can join us. Even if you can't come to Soputh Africa, please consider joining IAPAE as a member - the cost is quite low and it will go a long way toward ensuring that our profession's voice and its contributions are recognized around the globe. Join us at www.iapae.org

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