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Found 11 results

  1. So I am working on my CASPA and have run into a wall. I submitted my transcript because that was always the first thing I was told to do. But my semester ends in two weeks and I do not believe I will have my application ready to submit by then. Will I have to reorder my transcripts to send to CASPA? Or should I just update my grades for those courses? Also, what do I do about future courses where I do not know how the course title will look? Is it ok if those are not perfectly matched to an official transcript?
  2. Hey Y'all, I'm currently a PA-S2 doing my clinicals in the Lubbock/Plainview, TX area. I am a veteran and would really like to work at the VA for some time after graduation. Growing up, my family ran multiple assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities so I was around the geriatric population frequently, I genuinely do enjoy working with the elderly (especially Veterans [so many awesome stories]) which makes me really interested in this Residency. I wanted to see if anyone has attended this residency and has any information on what its like to go through this trainin
  3. The EMPA Fellowship at ARMC is currently accepting applications for its next class, which is set to begin in Nov of 2018. This Fellowship is housed at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center which is San Bernardino Counties Trauma and Burn Center located in the city of Colton, CA. The program includes clinical and didactic education that is designed to provide PAs who are new-grads or new to emergency medicine an efficient and supportive training experience that will enable top-of-scope practice in any emergency department. In addition to over 40 hours of online EM education, Fellows will
  4. The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine is proud to announce the newest addition to its medical education programs. The UCSF Fresno Emergency Medicine PA Residency is accepting applications for its 2016 class. This 18 month post-graduate program is designed to prepare PAs to practice in a variety of emergency medicine environments. We will be accepting 2 residents in 2016. Rotations include: - Trauma - Critical Care - Burn - Orthopedics - Dermatology - Ophthalmology - Oral Maxillofacial Surg
  5. Dear, whom may it concerns! Hi, I am 24 years old female who is truly considering to become a PA. I am senior in 4 year University and having low GPA right now. I have a questions to make sure before i put my records into Caspa system. Q1: I transferred from Community college to 4-years university. Since I was transferring from my Cc to 4year university, they counted my A grade from cc as B grade in university. When I imput My GPA to CASPA system, i am not sure which grade I should input. Does CASPA has some kind of policies like this? Q2: I am currently senior but it is my 5th year
  6. I am in month four of didactic year, and I wonder if I am unknowingly part of a weird social science experiment. I have witnessed the worst behavior from my "colleagues" that I have ever seen in a professional setting. We actually have a group of bullies in our class that have taken it upon themselves to cyber text (bully) other students during lecture. They interrupt and insult lecturers. They have a point system game that grades people's questions on level of stupidity. They got together and assessed who was worthy to be in the class the first week of school and have since then hated on
  7. WOW! The University of Missouri PA Fellowship Programs are exploding! We just got the ok to double the number of Hospitalist Fellows. This means we will have a total of 4 PA Fellows and will allow us to stagger the start dates. We have filled one position and have one opening remaining that will begin ASAP. Two more positions to begin in January! http://medicine.missouri.edu/imed/pa-hospitalist-fellowship.html
  8. So I work as a Direct Support Professional at a non-profit organization that gives employment opportunities to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Basically, my responsibilities involve supervising, talking with, and providing the employees with anything they might need during the day (Ex: helping transport those who cannot get around the shop, feeding, helping them make good decisions, and giving some medications). I didn't know if I should count this as direct or indirect because to me it seems like a little bit of both. Or would this even be considered HCE hours at all?
  9. Those of you interested in the education of physician assistants/clinical associates/clinical officers, etc might want to consider the IAPAE's annual meeting this year in Johannesburg, SA hosted at Witwatersrand University, September 16 - 18 (with safari to follow :smile:) As many of you know, some of the African nations have had PA analogue providers for as long (or longer!) than the US. Our goal is to get us all together in a conference to explore our similarities and differences in education, practice parameters and barriers to full implementation. We are all working to ensur
  10. I have just received my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. I am filling out CASPA right now. My cumulative GPA is about 3.0 and my BCP science GPA is about 2.8 (I've had to retake some classes, and these calculations include the original grades). So my plan is to continue to take science classes this year as I apply so that in case I need to re-apply next year, my GPA will increase. My question is this: Does CASPA factor post-baccalaureate BCP science coursework into your science GPA? I've looked for an answer to this on these forums without success. Thank you in advance for
  11. The residency experience -- "Surgical PG PA BLOG" Hi Everyone, I'm in a Surgical Residency Program in WI, they only take 2 PA's / year. Just thought I might throw some of my experiences in here as well. As I know this was a tough decision for me to make, to attend a residency program. I also moved across country to WI; I do not have any ties here & have never been here before I interviewed. I did get a loft apartment within 1 mile of the hospital in a great little town, with underground parking! :rolleyes: This residency program is affiliated with the Medical School of WI and
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