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Found 9 results

  1. I am looking for online or in person (not hopeful for this at the moment) shadowing opportunities in the La Crosse area. Anywhere in Wisconsin would be amazing as well.
  2. I am in month four of didactic year, and I wonder if I am unknowingly part of a weird social science experiment. I have witnessed the worst behavior from my "colleagues" that I have ever seen in a professional setting. We actually have a group of bullies in our class that have taken it upon themselves to cyber text (bully) other students during lecture. They interrupt and insult lecturers. They have a point system game that grades people's questions on level of stupidity. They got together and assessed who was worthy to be in the class the first week of school and have since then hated on the people that they didn't feel deserved to be there. Physical safety has been jeopardized; a few students have felt physically unsafe. They even have a little following of female participants who dislike the victims because they were asked to come forward and identify the predators. OK... you get it. This is weird..... My question to you..... Is this normal? I mean, I truly thought caring people were drawn to healthcare, not elitist, prejudice and racist (yes I said racist) jerks. I guess I assumed that we would all work together and help each other through some very challenging times - but alas I think I was wrong. Is this normal? Is this stress? WTH is going on? Our university is doing a great job handling the nonsense (one person was kicked out today) so don't worry about that. but is this common?
  3. Thought I'd start a page for Concordia and this years cycle! Has anyone heard back yet? I heard they are pretty good at sending out interview invites in early October!
  4. Hi all, how long does it take to get a Wisconsin PA license after getting your boards scores back? Weeks? Months? I'm taking my boards in mid-August and want to give potential employers a guage of when I will able to start practicing.
  5. Hello All, I was accepted to Marquette's Program late October and I have not heard much else from them since then. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten registration information yet? Also I will be looking for a roommate as I will be moving to Milwaukee from Madison, WI in August! Anyone else looking?
  6. How does one add a newer school to the sub forums? I just got accepted to the program at Concordia and was hoping to get their name out there a bit.
  7. To the newly accepted Concordia University of Wisconsin inaugural class of 2015...the application process is over! We're in and about to begin a crazy journey together. This is a page to discuss housing, orientation, classes, materials, and anything else that might be on our minds. Congrats everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
  8. Those of you interested in the education of physician assistants/clinical associates/clinical officers, etc might want to consider the IAPAE's annual meeting this year in Johannesburg, SA hosted at Witwatersrand University, September 16 - 18 (with safari to follow :smile:) As many of you know, some of the African nations have had PA analogue providers for as long (or longer!) than the US. Our goal is to get us all together in a conference to explore our similarities and differences in education, practice parameters and barriers to full implementation. We are all working to ensure health care to our nation's citizens and each nation has responded creatively to address that need. There is so much we can learn from one another. We hope that you can join us. Even if you can't come to Soputh Africa, please consider joining IAPAE as a member - the cost is quite low and it will go a long way toward ensuring that our profession's voice and its contributions are recognized around the globe. Join us at www.iapae.org
  9. The residency experience -- "Surgical PG PA BLOG" Hi Everyone, I'm in a Surgical Residency Program in WI, they only take 2 PA's / year. Just thought I might throw some of my experiences in here as well. As I know this was a tough decision for me to make, to attend a residency program. I also moved across country to WI; I do not have any ties here & have never been here before I interviewed. I did get a loft apartment within 1 mile of the hospital in a great little town, with underground parking! :rolleyes: This residency program is affiliated with the Medical School of WI and has 2 very large hospitals: The Childrens hospital is rated #3 in the US and is a Level 1 Trauma Center. At our disposal is online access of the Library with numerous textbooks, videos, Up-2-date, MD Consult. etc; we can access from home. The residency PA's come in Mid June for 2 weeks of orientation; Specifics on Post Grad. PA orientation: we reviewed high yielding topics for surgery: Antibiotics in Surgery, Complications in Surgery, Blood products, IV fluids, TPN, Wound Healing, Chest Tubes, Surgical Lab Interpretation, Pre-op, Post Op, Billing, ABG's, Vents, DM, RF, Radiological Studies, etc. We were also required to take online exams on most topics at home. We are given 2 Long, White Coats, [-] the ceremony! Throughout the year we meet about 1 time / month to have specialized lectures: burns, etc. also with online exam. Next, we had 2 days of ATLS with the PGY1's and became certified. Then we started Curriculum with the PGY1's. Curriculum is 4 days of lecture / reading / hands on labs / etc. with exams at the beginning and the end. We are also treated like the PGY1s except that they do have us distinguish ourselves, since were are already professionals with a license and are here to get an additional year of specialized training. We are paid equal to PGY1's. Curriculum meets about every other month throughout the year, for 4 days, covering different topics / labs. After the orientation and curriculum week, we all broke into our assigned services. The PGY1's do 4 weeks [1 month] rotations, on each service, however we are doing mostly 6 weeks on each service. I think this is mostly do to the fact that the PGY1s go to other facilities / hospitals and we [Post-Grad PA's] do not. I started my 1st rotation on Peds surgery & trauma with 4 med. students, 3 other PGY1's, a Fellow, a PGY4, 5 faculty PA's & 9 Surgeons. A Day in the LIFE: We meet most mornings at 5:30a to sign out, then round, write notes then round with the attending and team. Then we do discharges, go to the OR for our assigned cases, answer nursing / pt questions. Then at 5:30p we sign out to the night Post Grad PA/ PGY1 then day people leave. This service is very busy and we do not have much down time. Also 1 Post Grad PA / PGY1, each week for 1 week during the day, carries the "consult / HOT" pager. This means that they are paged for all new consults from the ED - floor - outside hosp/direct admit. They return the call, then go to [for ex] the ED, see the patient, do a H&P, devise an "assessment & plan" contact the "senior" and verbally present the pt, 'senior' sees the pt and then a plan is finalized. May do a consent if surgery in needed, put in orders, admit pt. etc. Two days a week we come in at 5am because we have grand rounds, M&M and conference. TRAUMA: We respond to Trauma calls to the ED: we are "doctor Right" during the trauma. I've been on 2 so far, a level 2 and Level 1. The level 1 was most similar to what I would say you can see on "Trauma Life in the ER" show on Discovery Health channel -- intense! THE OR: My 2nd OR experience: 1st Assistant, 1st with this Surgeon: a simple enough procedure: I&D of Abscess. However after the positioning / draping / etc. The surgeon tells the scrub tech: "Scalpel to "me" "I was like "what"? did I hear that correctly? Yes, I did! :D I got to do the majority of the case! How sweet! Never did I anticipate that! The surgeons here are very willing, have patience and are interested in teaching. Nothing that I had experienced, as a PA student, in a surgical rotation! That alone has convinced me that I've made the correct decision; knowing I will continue to gain invaluable experiences over this next year. So very happy that I decided to do this! :cool: CALL: So we take over night in house call. During the week we have 1 person assigned to overnight call, they start Sun 5:30am and leave Mon. 6am. Then work T-W-Th overnight. They carry the "HOT" pager & do all consults, answer all home calls, nursing calls etc. They are supported by a senior, in house. Weekend Call: is only different in the fact that person comes in 5:30a Fri, Sat or Sun gets sign out, rounds, and stays all day and overnight until the next 5:30am, then goes home: post call; always supported by a 'senior' in house. Okay, reality check: :rolleyes: it is very hard, long hours: ~80+ / week with day to overnight shifts of 30 hours! We are held to the same hours & expectations of the PGY1's. However I don't think I would have gained this same experience from jumping into a surgical job right out of PA school! Please feel free to PM me with any questions. I will also try to post as time allows. I hope those of you who are interested in a surgical residency program find this useful! Good Luck! :cool: -V PS. Not sure if you want make this a separate Sticky? for Surgical Residency?
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