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WAPA practice modernization update

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Copied from today's email:

Message from the WAPA President

On Feb 5th, 60+ PAs and PA students came to the capital for our second annual legislative day and it was a success! Our bill passed the house on Feb 15th with a unanimous decision, because of you!  The system works, but we are not done.

Our bill is scheduled to go before the Senate Health and Wellness committee on Friday, February 21st  at 8:00 am. Linda Dale and I will testify on behalf of WAPA.  You are invited to observe and support this effort. We have until early March in this short session to pass the bill in the senate and have it become law.  Our focus if passed, will be to educate employers of the changes enacted by the bill. This is an uphill climb and will be executed by your president elect Gabe Zecha with the WAPA Legislative Committee, WAPA Board of Directors and you, our membership.



https://lawfilesext.leg.wa.gov/biennium/2019-20/Pdf/Bill Reports/House/2378-S HBR APH 20.pdf?q=20200218235857

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I was one of the students that attended in Olympia. It was great seeing the process of getting legislation out there and meeting Senators and Representatives. It's a plus to know that our presence worked!

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From WAPA Webstie: (https://www.wapa.com/)



"March 3, 2020: HB 2378 just passed from the Senate with a unanimous vote of 49-0 and has officially passed the Legislature! Up next is the Governor's review and signature. "


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it gets better

WAPA | Delegation Agreements Suspended


Washington Academy of Physician Assistants <wapa@memberclicks-mail.net>
Fri, Mar 27 at 5:10 PM

WAPA President


Q: When does this take affect?March 27, 2020


Governor Inslee signed an executive order yesterday suspending the delegation agreement for 30 days. PDF of the proclamation: 032720 DA proclamation

After 30 days, it is renewable every 30 days. This was accomplished through collaboration between Micah Mathews at the Washington Medical Commission (WMC), the Department of Health (DOH) and our lobbyist-Chelsea Hager. We are extremely grateful for their support.

NEXT STEPS: We are formulating a list of PAs who are interested in being "deployed" if needed during the surge. It is unclear what the "deployment" would look like as far as malpractice, pay and assignment.

That is dependent on the enlisting agency. Every practice will have to follow their hiring guidelines and procedures. Every practice will establish their credentialing, hiring guidelines and protocols for PAs.

For all PAs who work under the new rule, we ask that you take time to document where you are and how you're helping through email and pictures. This is the time we lay a foundation for next year's legislation. Contact WAPA by email at: wapa@wapa.com

We will prevail. One roadblock at a time. Stay well my friends.

Eileen Ravella, PA-C

A: Immediately.


Q: Until when?

A: April 25, 2020 | It can be renewed for 30 days after that, every 30 days as needed.


Q: Organizations/clinics are hiring PAs now to fill gaps. Do PAs need to file a DA now?

A: Correct. However, if this is a permanent hire, go ahead and file the DA – but you can go to work immediately and not wait for the Washington Medical Commission (WMC).


Washington Academy of Physician Assistants
2001 Sixth Ave. Suite 2700
Seattle,WA 98121



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