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  1. MSPAC

    Calling WA PAs! Support SB 5411

    There is no date set yet per WAPA. For now we just wait with bated breath.
  2. MSPAC

    chart co sign

    Yep. I contacted WAPA and was told there's no language that actually mentions co-signatures. So my employer then points me to the WA State PA Delegation Agreement from MQAC that says: They interpret the highlighted line as "PAs need a co-signature on charts". So, until it's revised, I guess I'm stuck.
  3. MSPAC

    Calling WA PAs! Support SB 5411

    To those interested in watching how this hearing went: https://www.tvw.org/watch/?eventID=2019021121 Click on Transcripts and around the 02:00 mark they discuss the briefing. Pretty interesting how the CRNAs are marking their turf and the EM doc's comments in opposition...
  4. MSPAC

    Calling WA PAs! Support SB 5411

    I'm really hoping this does pass. Since a year ago where I work, we only hire NPs. Also, a hospital system an hour away hasn't hired PAs for years and the other which I applied to for per diem work actually interviewed me then later told me "leadership has decided to put a hold on hiring PAs at this time." These are in rural communities too! We really need to come together.
  5. Please support PA Bill SB 5411. I got this email from WAPA today: If you're unfamiliar with the bill, you can read it on WAPA.com. But here's an excerpt from the fact sheet on what it's about: • Modernize PA practice laws to improve access to quality care. • Reduce delays by eliminating Medical Commission review before PAs can get to work. • Assure medical standard of care by preserving Medical Commission regulation of PAs. • Allow multiple physicians on PA practice agreement which is kept by employer. • Eliminate physician delegation and supervision requirements, allowing PAs to work under their own licenses and accept liability for their own care (they all currently have medmal insurance). • Eliminate duplicate regulatory structures for PAs working with MDs and DOs. • Alleviate burden of remote site and ratio restrictions. Please contact your representatives now and spread the word to other PAs you know. 'Tis are exciting times, friends! Let's do this!
  6. MSPAC

    Who is in/finished LMU DMS?

    Ah. My apologies. The ones I thought of were Lynchburg's tuition and fees.
  7. MSPAC

    Who is in/finished LMU DMS?

    I thought it was 23K + another 5K ish for fees? How did you get 40K?
  8. MSPAC

    chart co sign

    I'm sorry to revive an old thread. But I've been going back and forth with my employer because they make us send 2 charts per day to be co-signed by our SP. I thought that cosigs were not required in the state of WA but when I asked them about this they said it is so. I can't find any language in the RCW that says this. Can anyone help please?
  9. Curious as to how many people apply to LECOM's APAP each year. Anyone know?
  10. MSPAC

    APP Fellowship in Inpatient Pediatrics

    Is there a program in the works for a fellowship in neonatology?
  11. MSPAC

    Calling all NHSC scholarship alumni

    Interesting. I'm sending you a PM with my advisor's info, you can ask for guidance and let her know yours is not particularly helpful. Also, I forgot to mention that of the top 3 states they made me pick, I ended up with none of them. I kept searching until I found the best fit. Don't settle and don't feel restricted by those states. I never had anyone tell me that I was applying early. Just introduce yourself as an NHSC scholar looking for a PA opening at site with a HPSA score of 18 and give your graduation date.
  12. MSPAC

    Calling all NHSC scholarship alumni

    The site score required is now 18? Holy Batman! That's pretty high. The NHSC will recommend you use only the health workforce website but I found a lot of the sites don't update their openings on there. The sites on the the workforce are supposed to be ones that have current agreements with the NHSC. If you feel limited by the website, you can google "community health centers in (name a state here)." Instead of CHC or FQHC you can also search "rural clinics in **" or "critical access hospitals in **" or "indian health centers in **". When you find a place of interest to you I would call them. Alternatively -and maybe this is easier- you could view HPSA scores of all shortage areas per state through https://data.hrsa.gov/tools/shortage-area. That data warehouse too is also not updated frequently so you might call if you find a place you like but has a score just shy of 18. I started looking a year before graduating and had a regional placement advisor who was very helpful. I'd reach out to yours.
  13. This post is somewhat relevant to my situation right now. I am actually considering asking our CEO if he is willing to create a position for me to help our medical director (perhaps assistant medical director?). I have a master's in healthcare administration and have managed clinics pre-PA. What would your thoughts be on expectation for compensation? I plan on either keeping my clinical hours which is 35 hours per week right now or go down to 32.
  14. The training program I did specifically mentioned neck circumference >15.5 in women and >17.5 in men automatically get sleep apnea testing. I never quite understood the reasoning for doing hernia checks. How am I protecting the public by doing them? You are a very smart man. I envy you. This was my thought as well. But I was speaking to a friend who lives in Florida and he says their DMV driving tests are available in French Creole and Spanish. I suppose that's what's happening here. How would I be responsible for an accident caused by someone who doesn't speak/understand English when the DMV is the one to give them a driver's license to begin with? I wonder if there is someone to ask these questions to from the DOT. Anyone know?
  15. I had a patient today who couldn't understand or speak English and I specifically recall from my online training last year (from the state medical association) that the patient should be able to do this. But, I was told by a colleague today that there are exceptions like those driving migrant workers or something about driving a firefighter crew. Another colleague then tells me that it's not the provider's job to determine the patient's command of the language. I suppose this is true because the certificate doesn't ask that but at the same time the certificate and the forms to be filled out by the patient are in English so it probably should be a given that they do anyway. A question to those of you who see patients for DOT physicals: 1. When do you make exceptions with language barriers, if at all? 2. Also, do you guys measure neck circumference too? I just learned that I'm the only one here who does.

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