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  1. First we have the Doctor of PA Studies from MCPHS and now this... Doctor of Physician Assistant. Can we please get it together and agree on a name of our terminal degree? We're all over the place. Good grief.
  2. So... the bill becomes law on/after the 13th?? What a great way to end PA week!
  3. Yes, please join WAPA and get your colleagues to join too. Here's the latest email I got from their legislative committee chair: And follow up from the WAPA president:
  4. I've brought this up but my place of employment is run by idiots set on their archaic ways.
  5. I work in FM also for an FQHC in the PNW. Our raises are built into our contracts. Mine is 3 years with raises every year worth $5K. We're remunerated by base salary + RVU + incentive bonuses. On average, APPs here make $150K, there are the select few in the 200s. Definitely ask for a raise. Don't sell yourself short.
  6. PNW. Family medicine at an FQHC. $2500 is strictly CME money (but that is before tax so it's more like ~$1700). 40 CME hours separate from 21 days PTO. Employer covers DEA, licensing, professional memberships, etc.
  7. As you probably already know, the NHSC Loan Repayment Program is not a guaranteed benefit. You will have to apply for it once you're actually working in the practice and during the open application cycle which I believe is early in the year. Our site has a score of 17 and there are NPs here who tell me they didn't get their repayment approved. Don't know any PAs who applied nor am I aware if there is a difference in likelihood of receiving it based on the alphabet soup after your name. I'd recommend calling your prospective employer to ask how many of their APCs actually got it last year.
  8. Going through a transition period with my per diem gig (retail medicine) right now and my new CP, an FM MD who decided to go into admin d/t burnout and is licensed in both WA and OR, just told me that PAs need to do something about the current landscape or we will be finding ourselves out of a job due to the NPs, especially as they transition to DNPs. This is not a NP vs PA post but rather a question of where are we currently on OTP? Last I heard one of the Dakota's was successful in this endeavor. My state association in WA is trying again next time. Anyone else have any updates? The fact that other professions are noticing should be an eye opener that there is a hole on this boat and it needs fixing.
  9. Has anyone here worked in obesity medicine? I'm having trouble finding a reputable source on an acceptable rate of weight loss. I've just recently started rx'ing topiramate/phentermine to my patients, working them up with an EKG, assessing their motivation, coordinating their care with the nutritionist, making sure their BMI >30, etc. etc. Well, I had the first three come back for a 2-week FU and on average, they have each lost at least 10 pounds! There is a part of me that thinks this is a little too fast but I can't find data on "how much is too fast?" Literature states you should see at least 3% weight loss in 12 weeks but wowza! Could anyone chime in on the research?
  10. I'm sorry but how could you possibly give good quality well child checks in 7 minutes? Are you excluding the charting, screenings and assessments, reviewing growth charts? Where I work, the providers who do these quick WCCs are usually the ones who miss autism, metabolic syndrome, etc.
  11. With all these threads about NPs being lightyears ahead in the political arena I'm really hoping that everyone here, especially the ones complaining, are actually contributing to AAPA's Political Action Committee. I just received a snail mail from them and, if I remember correctly, it says only 4% of AAPA members donate. That is beyond pathetic. Could the PA Forum support this cause? Maybe put a banner to encourage users to donate, IDK. The forum probably does not want any affiliation to AAPA but instead of complaining on this forum, let's do something!
  12. Update on this and just in case it will be helpful to anyone. The job actually offered $60/hour plus malpractice but with the numbers y'all have given me above I was able to negotiate $70/hour. Thanks to those who replied!
  13. Did mine today too and found it in the spam folder. I wasn't expecting having to write down my answers. I can only imagine the time it will take to read the responses. I was surprised they didn't already have a list of potential titles to use.
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