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I found some old post about this topic but only a few people were involved and it was from quite a few years back. I thought I'd bring it up again for more clarification for all.

Looking for suggestions on how to/ how you enter military experience into CASPA.  What are your thoughts on dividing all of that up between medical and non-medical experience, training and schools, deployment vs. garrison, leadership roles, and awards? Did you add past certs that have since lapsed? Should it be broken down by each duty station or each title? Also, how did you quantify the number of hours and should it be one lump sum or divided up? Any thoughts would helpful.

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I divided mine up by job title which also aligned with duty station.  For a duty station that I deployed out of, I mentioned it in the description and added a comment on what I did while deployed.  So, for example, I didn't list "Afghanistan" as the location of one of my positions but added a bullet in the information box below location that mentioned going there.  I left out all schools (Airborne, BOLC, CCC, etc.) because they weren't really pertinent.  I didn't have a medical MOS but if you did you may want to include relevant training.  Remember to change the wording into civilian language before adding it to CASPA (just like you would do for a civilian resume).  As far as hours, I considered the extremes of days, short to long, and then came up with an average number of hours per week and did the math to get total hours at each assignment.  CASPA is not an exact science; it's just a tool to organize information.  I wouldn't worry too much about the minutiae of duty stations and hours.  Just make sure the description of your experiences and how they will help you be a good PA student are on point.   

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