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Found 14 results

  1. I found some old post about this topic but only a few people were involved and it was from quite a few years back. I thought I'd bring it up again for more clarification for all. Looking for suggestions on how to/ how you enter military experience into CASPA. What are your thoughts on dividing all of that up between medical and non-medical experience, training and schools, deployment vs. garrison, leadership roles, and awards? Did you add past certs that have since lapsed? Should it be broken down by each duty station or each title? Also, how did you quantify the number of hours and shou
  2. Good morning everyone, I am currently new here so pardon if this question has been asked or if I'm not in the proper thread. So lets get down to the root of my question. As stated above I spent 6 years in the Navy reserves as a Hospital Corpsman, and two years in the civilian side as a Pharmacy Tech. I am currently in my senior year finishing my undergrad with all my pre-reqs completed for PA school. I was just wondering if I don't get into the first cycle that if it would be a good idea to get my paramedic cert and then re-apply or if my being an HM is sufficient enough for myself to loo
  3. I am considering becoming a paramedic to get some clinical experience before becoming a physician assistant. Anyone else doing this? I am 26 years old and my main reason for thinking about going this route before PA School is because I just recently got out of the Navy where I was a Corpsman so I do have more than enough patient contact hours in many settings but am also married with kids. My wife is finishing up PT school so I do have to work a well paying job while she finishes up school. I am a RMA as well but they do not make that much and the job is really boring as far as what I am used
  4. I am a GVSU student and will be done with my BS in Health Science with a focus on preventativie care and a minor in psychology in about a year! I'm hopping to graduate with a 3.5 ish (I had a 3.6 for 90+ credits and my GPA dropped to 0 when transferred) I'm SUPER worried about getting into GVSU's PA Program and am looking into joining the Navy with the hopes of getting into IPAP I will have all my pre reqs done for IPAP most likely even before I join the Navy? I'm 24 year old, female, with a husband and child and am ok with getting deployed and/or moving around! I'm also an NREMT-B - Quest
  5. Hello everyone, and thank you for peeking in. I will start by saying that--in my opinion--I am not an ideal cadidate for PA school in terms of academics. I was a Hospital Corpsman for 5 years, deployed to Afghanistan, aquired my EMT, ACLS, and was a CPR instructor--however, all of these are expired now. I got out and went to school to become a Medical Lab Tech (MLT) and recieved my AAS. All together I have probably about 9,500 hours of direct patient contact, and about 2,000 of laboratory specific health experience. Right now, I am just finishing up my Bachelors of Sci
  6. Imagine you are a patient and arrive at the clinic. You are handed a piece of paper that describes two health care professionals that are available for you to pick from. Which PA would you choose? Physician Assistant: A Physician Assistant (PA) is a health care provider licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. PAs can examine a patient, order labs and radiology studies, interpret the studies, diagnose and treat patients and provide health education. PAs can not practice independently and can prescribe medications under a delegation act from a physician.
  7. Our group has hired a few new hires but the established members disagree about how best to approach training the new people. In one camp, there's the "expose them to everything" group. The other camp is "make sure they learn how to do simple stuff." Either way, it's hard to design an orientation "program" for new hires. What would you include? How long do you orient your new PAs (specifically in emergency medicine)? How do you train them? Do you just scheduled them to work double coverage where they are not actually needed and can work at their own pace and then help them as they go?
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen: Several months ago, I put up my first draft narrative, and several people on here were kind enough to give me their input. I'm hoping to get more of the same. Thank you. While I knew that Physician Assistants (PAs) existed, I had never met or worked with one until after I had been in the Navy for several years. My Associate’s degree was earned with a lack-luster GPA way back when Braveheart won the Oscar for Best Picture. After this, I joined the military. It was during my eight years of service as a Navy Hospital Corpsman that I learned Corps
  9. Hello all, Just wanted to take a poll of how many of you actually get "supervised" by your supervising physician? How many of you practice without physician in the office? Do your supervising physician signs of everything you do? My employer just hired a new MD from out of country and had a heated debate about role of PAs ( obviously he has no clue about what we do or can do). I work very independently and my supervising physician is sometimes at a different clinic. He maybe signs off 5% of my work. He is very confident in me, unlike this new M.D. Trying to educate him, but
  10. Hey Folks, I am new to the forum and planning on applying next fall. I am wondering if any current students, alumni, or other knowing folks might be able to take a look at my bio/stats and let me know if you feel that I am a good fit for MEDEX, and if any might have suggestions as to other programs that you think I might fit in well with. SHORT BIO/STATS: I am from eastern Washington, 25, married and have two kiddos. I have over 930 hours volunteering as a youth pastor and later leading a college ministry and campus outreach program. HCE: 5 years Navy Corpsman (work under a PA for 3 y
  11. How many Veterans out there have or plan on applying to PA school this cycle (2011/2012)?
  12. We're trying to get an idea as to how many veterans in general are applying to PA school this cycle. Please take a second and go to this thread to vote! http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forums/showthread.php/33183-Poll-For-All-Veterans! Thanks for your time!
  13. Hi All, With respect to the rash that I have been discussing on this forum, the one that has not yet been definitively identified, due to the extreme restrictions with respect to posting images on this forum, I've had to crop and re-crop the image, which has caused it become very blurry. If there are any dermatology PAs who would like to assist me further, I can send them a much better defined image of the rash if I send it to your personal e-mail address. If any dermatology PAs would therefore like to further assist me in identifying this very itchy rash, please send a message to my perso
  14. Hey all, I'm looking to shadow a PA somewhere in Norther California. I've worked with PA's before in the military, but would like to see how they operate in the civilian sector. So far, my "cold calls" are turning up empty. Not sure if places are afraid of the liability? I'm located in the Sacramento Area and am willing to commute if need be. Thank you! Chris
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